Pandya Store Written Update 2 September 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 2 September 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 2 September 2021, Dhara asking Suman what occurred. Suman says that she had realised that she’s handicapped. Dhara asks how this had befell.

Suman says that she attempted to move the rest room by herself, but before she can reach… Suman seems down feeling embarrassing. Dhara looks taken aback and says that she went out as she was feeling down, but Rishita become at domestic.

Suman says that Rishita turned into there, but still it had befell. Her young son needed to supply her bath. She blames Dhara saying she will’t meet her little kids-in-laws eyes forever. Dev tells Suman to overlook what came about.

Suman says that it hadn’t occur whilst she turned into bedridden, Dhara was looking after her, however Dhara modified now. Dhara knows Rishita is careless, yet Dhara gave her responsibility to Rishita.

Suman says that Dhara confirmed her right area. Dhara denies it crying. Suman says that she’s ashamed of herself and she prefers to die alternatively. Suman cries.

Dhara holds Suman’s hand and apologizes to her. She says that she didn’t assume this. She promises to never go away Suman alone.

Suman says that what occurred can’t be modified. Rishita apologizes to Suman. The latter tells Rishita to stay away and says that she may want to have killed her as an alternative.

Suman barely pushes Dhara and tells to move away from her. Suman calls Anita and asks to take her to her room. Anita brings the wheelchair. Suman sits on it. Anita takes Suman from there.

Dev walks away getting angry on Rishita. The latter goes to Dhara and says that she didn’t do something aim, she went to attend the interview call.

She narrates what had befell. Dhara scolds Rishita asking why she didn’t understand while Suman saved saying rest room. Rishita says that she’s guilt ridden already. She says sorry and runs from there crying. Dhara blames herself for leaving Suman alone and cries.

Prafulla is speaking with a lawyer. Raavi comes back domestic. Prafulla says that she informed to the legal professional how her in-legal guidelines tortured her and asks Raavi to tell the legal professional.

She says that Raavi have to ask half rights on Pandya family houses as compensation. Raavi shouts that she doesn’t want something, she simply want this courting to end fast. She leaves getting disillusioned.

Suman tells Anita to depart. Anita attempts to the touch her, however Suman pushes Anita down. Anit says that she received’t leave her by myself. Dhara involves Suman. Suman says Dhara to now not enter her room. She says that she doesn’t want even see Dhara’s face and begs Dhara to go away. Dhara leaves crying.

Dhara is going to the kitchen and sees that the meals are spoiled. Rishita comes there and says that she knows that she can bitch to Gautam about her. But Dhara is at mistake, she didn’t tell her that Suman can’t do all works through herself.

Rishita says that Dhara wants to show that only she will cope with this house. Dhara asks to scent the scent the meals. Rishita makes faces. Dhara says that the leftover meals have to have positioned in the fridge, she have to have also reached Rishita earlier than leaving. Dhara berates Rishita. The latter argues with Dhara justifying herself.

Rishita shouts that she didn’t do it intentionally and breaks a glass by chance. Rishita stops Dhara and says that she will smooth it.

Dhara says that Rishita constantly fight for her rights and she or he gets family’s assist too, but she must learn to take responsibility too. They all have the responsibility of Suman. Rishita says although had heard Susan’s voice, she couldn’t have helped. She’s bigger than her. Dhara shouts asking Rishita to stay on her limits.

Anita massages Suman’s toes. Anita says that no person may be 24 hours with Suman, What happened today also can occur again.

Suman receives sad recalling what had took place. Anita says that Rishita will were given process and she will go to the workplace, Raavi left the house and Dhara gave Suman’s responsibility to Rishita encourage of knowing approximately Rishita. Anita talks sweetly to Suman and says that Dhara has went out intentionally. Suman thinks that Anita is right.

Rishita says that they can make Suman wear person diaper. Dhara shouts at Rishita and says it’s approximately Suman’s emotion. Suman received’t agree and will take it on her self-esteem. She will preserve running until her delivery date.

Rishita additionally has to address the house’s obligation together with her task. Rishita says that Dhara doesn’t like her running and Suman’s incident is just an excuse. Dhara reminds Rishita that she informed her to visit the interview. Rishita argue and says that Dhara blames her for what happened with Suman in order that she doesn’t paintings, however she can do activity at any cost.