Pandya Store Written Update 20 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 20 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 20 July 2021, Dhara asking where he has gone in the early morning. Gautam says that he went to get the lacking money to get Shiva’s property back.

He tells Dhara to put the money in the locker. He adds that he will the money to Shiva to get the property back. Suman comes there and gets happy hearing this.

She praises Gautam. She gets excited that Gautam is going to open Pandya store’s branch. She calls Krish and goes with him to celebrate it. Dhara asks Gautam how he is going to arrange money for Pandya store new branch. Gautam says that he has to fulfill his responsibility.

Suman distributes sweets to everyone saying that her sons are going to open Pandya store new branch on her husband’s birthday. Shiva and Dev have called Prakash to discuss about building new room.

Dev tells Shiva to bring money from the locker to give it to Prakash Shiva goes to get Gautam’s permission. As Gautam is taking the bath, Dev tells Shiva that he is elder than him and he’s giving him permission to take the money from the locker.

Shiva takes the money from the locker. Gautam holds his hand and asks why he needs the money. Shiva tells Gautam to come to ttge hall, he will explain him everything.

Dev informs Gautam about their plan of building new bedroom for Gautam and Dhara. Shiva says that they feel bad that Gautam and Dhara sleep in the hall. Dev shows the room sketches to Gautam and Dhara. Krish gets angry that Shiva and Dev didn’t share this plan with him. Dev takes Prakash upstairs to show him where to build the room.

Gautam tells Shiva that their priority is to get his land back. He tells Shiva to return this money to Rasik and gets back the property papers back.

Dev and Prakash comes backDev tells Shiva to give Prakash advance money. Prakash says that they can give money the next day coming to his shop, till that he will make the list of things. He takes leave.

Krish jokes saying that Shiva and Dev should get beated for hiding the plan of building new room for Gautam and Dhara. Raavi and Rishita hear this.

Rishita gets upset while Raavi is happy and expresses her joy. Gautam says that they can’t make new room. Dev says that they can’t see them sleeping in the hall.

Gautam says that they don’t have spare money to build new room. Dev says that they give this money. Gautam refuses and says this money is to repay Shiva loan and fulfill their dad’s dream of opening Pandya store’s new branch.

Suman comes there and tries to convince Gautam, but he is firm in his decision. He hands the money to Shiva and orders him to repay the loan and get the property back.

He walks away. Dev tells Dhara that they have time to repay the loan amount, but they don’t have time. He walks away. Shiva tries to convince Dhara, but she tells him to obey Gautam and walks away. Shiva is determined to build room for Dhara and Gautam at any cost. Suman and Krish support him.

Dhara brings tea for Gautam and tells that she should have shouted at Dev and Shiva. Gautam says that he’s angry on his helplessness. He is unable to fulfill her needs. Raavi gives her jewels to Shiva to get money to make room for Gautam and Dhara. Other hand Dev gets frustrated that he doesn’t have money. Rishita offers him to give her money, but Dev refuses stating he doesn’t want to hear her taunts for his lifelong.

Shiva refuses to take Raavi’s jewels. He says that he doesn’t want to be called a thief too. Raavi tells him to try to understand her. Shiva says that he doesn’t want to understand her and walks out. Raavi gets sad. Other hand Dhara consoles an upset Gautam.