Pandya Store Written Update 21 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 21 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 21 July 2021, Dev bringing the cement materials to build the bedroom. Gautam scolds Dev and Shiva asking if they didn’t understand what he has told them.

Shiva says that Dev borrowed money from his friend to buy material. Making bedroom for Dhara is as important as fulfill their dad wish. His brothers will make bedroom for them at any cost. Gautam hugs his brothers. Krish joins them.

Prafula tastes the jackfruit dish she made and misses Raavi as she likes that dish. Anita says that she will bring this dish for Raavi and she will also meet Gautam using this opportunity. She leaves.

Prafula laments prays to God for Anita. Raavi gets happy knowing that they are going to build bedroom for Dhara. Krish wants to help his brothers.

Dev tells him to focus on his studies. Krish leaves. Gautam asks Dev about the money he borrowed from his friend. Dev tells him not to worry, he has helped his friend in studies, he will handle it.

Anita comes there saying that she brought the Jackfruit subzi for Gautam. Dev and Shiva say that Gautam doesn’t like jackfruit. Anita says that she was joking.

She brought it for Raavi. Anita notices the cement sacks and questions about the same. Dhara says that Shiva and Dev build bedroom for her and Gautam. Anita gets shocked. She then says good idea. Anita thinks that this bedroom should not be built.

Rishita is changing her dress in bathroom. Unaware of this, Krish enters in and they both shout. Rishita says that he doesn’t the lock isn’t working and scolds Krish.

Family hears their scream and wonders what happened. Krish runs from there getting scared. Dhara asks Krish what happened.

Rishita comes there crying and complains to Dev that Krish entered into the bathroom without knocking when she was changing. She demands to build an attach bathroom in her room before building Dhara’s bedroom.

Krish apologizes to Rishita saying that he doesn’t know she was inside. Rishita says that she can’t face embarrassment daily and demands to build a bathroom for her at any cost. Dhara tells Dev to build the bathroom first. Dev firmly says that Dhara need not to sacrifice everytime.

He will make the bedroom for Dhara. As for the bathroom door he will fix it. Krish tells Dev that he didn’t do it intentionally.

Rishita argues with Dev. Dhara stops them. She supports Rishita and tells that it’s important to have another bathroom. Rishita agrees with Dhara and says that Dhara and Gautam aren’t newly married couples, so they can sleep in the hall.

Dev shouts at Rishita. Dhara reprimands Dev for scolding Rishita in front of all and tells him to apologize to Rishita. Krish says that he has to apologize.

Krish tells Rishita to hit him with the sandal. Suman intervenes and scolds Dhara for taking decision. She declares that they will make bedroom. Suman defends Krish and scolds Rishita for creating a scene.

Dev puts a speaker in front of the bathroom and plays music. He tells that whoever will use bathroom will play music. They will use this idea until they fix the bathroom door.

Suman tells Rishta that Dev found a way for her problem. Shiva tells Dhara that they’re still her kids and will do whatever they can do for her happiness. The brothers hug Dhara. Anita that thinks that she will not let them to make bedroom and Rishita will help her in this. Anita smirks. Rishita walks away getting upset.

Later Dev and Rishita argue over building a bedroom for Dhara. Dev scolds Rishita and warns her that he will forget she’s his wife if she comes between in whatever he does for Dhara.

Rishita says that he already forgot her. He wants her to die or leave the house. She can’t do anything, she can’t say anything, what he wants she does.

Rishita requests Rishita to respect Dhara if she loves him. Rishita says that Dev isn’t bothered about her privacy and argues with Dev. The latter tells Rishita to understand that Dhara is everything for the three brothers.