Pandya Store Written Update 26 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 26 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 26 July 2021, Suman coming out a noise. Anita meows like a cat. Suman tells the cat to leave and drinks water. She sees Gautam and Dhara sleeping.

She recalls Gautam rushing to help Dhara ignoring her. Suman that says that they both have fallen but Gautam went to help Dhara. She goes. Krish gets up in the sleep blabbering. Anita hides again. Gautam makes him lie back. Anita goes to upstairs. She spoils the cement by adding water.

Dhara wakes up from the sleep. She sees Gautam sleeping. She recalls Gautam caring for her. She starts talking to Gautam. She expresses her love for him and kiss his cheek. Gautam drags Dhara close to him and says that he loves her more.

Anita sees Gautam and Dhara getting close. She moves forward and the water spills on Gautam and Dhara. Dhara wonders whether it’s raining. She goes to check asking Gautam to lay back. Anita hides

Dhara sees a bucket of water and says that the brothers must have left it here and the cat would have pushed it. She leaves. Anita pours water in the remaining cement sack. Anita notices that Dhara is awake and wonders how to escape.

Raavi recalls Shivani words. She says how to make Shiva understand that she didn’t want to hurt him. She wonders where Shiva is. She goes to check.

Anita tries to walk out. Raavi notices her and misunderstands her for a thief. She shouts thief and runs after her. Anita turns off the main switch and runs away. The family wakes up hearing her and wonders whom Raavi is running after.

Prafula notices that Anita isn’t in her room and gets worried for her. She says that whether Anita went to Gautam’s house. Raavi is searching the thief.

Anita hides. The other family members are also searching the thief. Gautam opens the locker to check if the money and the property papers are safe.

Prafula tries to contact Anita and wonders why her phone isn’t connecting. She doubts that Anita would have gone to Gautam’s house. She gets determined to punish Anita when she will come back.

Dhara and Krish go to check if the thief has stolen any construction materials. Dhara says that everything is fine here. Krish leaves from there Dhara stops on seeing water spilled on the floor.

She goes to check it but stops Krish shouting the thief turned off the main switch. Gautam feels someone presence behind him.

Anita runs away before Gautam turns around. Dhara comes to him and asks if he saw the thief. Gautam says that he must be hallucinating. Meanwhile Anita manages to escape from the window.

Krish turns on the main switch. Dhara tells the family that she closed the main door before going to sleep and asks how the thief come in. Shiva comes there and says that he forget to close the door.

Dhara asks where he has gone in the late night. Shiva looks on.