Pandya Store Written Update 27 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 27 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 27 July 2021, Dhara asking Shiva why he went out in the late night. Raavi says that this time she’s not at fault. Shiva says that Raavi is right, he was feeling hot so he went for a walk.

Dhara comes near Shiva and checks he is drunk. Shiva that he didn’t drink, he isn’t a drunkard. Gautam supports Shiva.

Rishita says that she’s scared, so she will sleep in the Hall with Gautam, Dhara and Krish. Krish reminds that Dev is also sleep with her in the room. The family tells him to be quiet.

Anita comes back home. Prafula is waiting with a stick. She beats Anita up and questions Anita where she’s coming from. Anita says that she won’t let Dhara get bedroom.

Prafula slaps Anita and scolds her for going out in the late night. She says that she was worried and hugs Anita. The latter repeats that she will stop Dhara’s bedroom from getting constructed at any cost. Prafula scolds Anita and tells her to forget about it. But Anita is determined to get Gautam.

Dev tries to convince Rishita to come and sleep in their room, but she refuses. Dev leaves. Raavi tells Shiva that she thought he will tell his family about their fight.

She’s not scared of the thief like Rishita, she even ran after the thief. She complains that Shiva don’t respond properly to her talk. Shiva argues with her. She requests Shiva to sleep turning her side. Shiva argues with her but he turns his side. Raavi falls asleep and Shiva admires her.

Rishita complains that there are lot of mosquitoes here and go back to her room. Dev tells Rishita that she can’t even stay half an hour in the hall and tells her to think how difficult it would be for Gautam and Dhara to sleep daily in the hall. This is reason why he wants to build a room for them, but she fails to understand this. Rishita complains that he always scolds her and sleeps.

The next morning the brothers get back to the construction work. Shiva and Dev open a cement sack and gets shocked on seeing the cement ruined.

They call out Gautam and tells him about the same. They check the other cement sack and learn that the all material got damaged. Krish shouts that their hardworking has gone vain. The ladies come there and they are also shocked on seeing the cement spoiled.

The brothers deduce that someone poured the water in the cement deliberately so that Dhara and Gautam don’t get their bedroom. Dev accuses Janardan.

Gautam tells that Janardan doesn’t know that they’re building a bedroom. Dhara agrees with Gautam. Raavi tells that Rishita wanted to build a bathroom instead a bedroom. Rishita says that she hasn’t done this and shouts at Raavi. Dhara reprimands Rishita for raising her voice at Raavi.

Rishita argues with Dhara. Dev intervenes and tells Rishita to be quiet and then tells Raavi that she easily judged Rishita, Raavi wasn’t like this in her childhood.

Shiva says that Dev failed to understand Raavi, she was always like that. She always thinks bad about people. Gautam tells them to be quite and says that he won’t give them money to buy new materials, they won’t build the bedroom and leaves. The brothers get upset.

Anita comes to Pandya house and asks Gautam about the construction work. Raavi tells that the materials are ruined. Anita acts and asks how it had happened. Rishita says the she spoiled the cement to taunt Raavi. Dhara tells her that Raavi apologized to her already and tells to forget about it. Dhara adds that she trusts Rishita, but there’s someone who doesn’t want the room to be buid.

Krish says that they shouldn’t give up easily. Gautam says that they should arrange money first. Anita says that she was happy that Gautam and Dhara are getting their bedroom. Krish says that he won’t spare the culprit. Anita coughs. Raavi offers water.

Anita refuses. She hands Raavi the pickle that Prafula has sent for her and leaves. Raavi notices that Anita is limping and asks her what happened to her leg. Anita looks shocked