Pandya Store Written Update 28 August 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 28 August 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 28 August 2021, Dhara saying to Shiva that she gained’t bitch to him anymore, as she has to focus on her baby. She similarly asks Shiva for an cause of his act so she will assist him.

Shiva says that Raavi wasn’t happy, so she desired to unfastened him. Dhara says that Shiva ought to have talked to Raavi and requested what she wishes. Raavi started like him. Shiva smiles and says that if Raavi had commenced like him, she would have signed the divorce papers.

Dhara reminds him that he introduced the divorce papers. Dhara says that they are able to’t wreck although they want. Dhara tells Shiva to train whatever he wants to her baby, however now not love. Shiva hugs Dhara and thank you her for giving the rights to teach her child.

Rishita and Gautam are working within the kitchen. Dhara comes to the kitchen and compliments Rishita’s appearance and asks in which she’s going. Rishita says that she’s going out for an critical work. Rishita makes tea for Suman and turns around.

She bumps into Gautam and the tea pours on her dress. Gautam says sorry to Rishita. The latter says that she can’t cope with households works and endorse appointing a maid. Dhara concurs with Rishita. Rishita then says that she wants to work and become financially unbiased. She has an interview nowadays. Suman comes there and name callings her.

Rishita explains to Suman that it was her dream to grow to be financially impartial and adds that the boy from save has come yesterday asking for cash and he or she doesn’t actually have seven thousand to offer him. Suman says that Rishita desires to paintings to get away from the household works.

Rishita denies it. Dev helps Rishita and says that Rishita didn’t refuse to do the family works, they will also assist her. If they hire a maid, it will likely be beneficial. Suman says that Dev wants a maid as Rishita has to work. She then scoffs Rishita saying that she doesn’t understand any work she had garlic in her tea.

Dhara convinces Suman for appointing a maid and for Rishita to paintings. She says that she will be able to teach Rishita all works. Gautam says that it’s right Rishita wants to end up independent, but if she desires to paintings to guide the own family financially, she doesn’t want, they will control. Gautam apologizes to Rishita that she has to sense ashamed in front of the boy, who has come from the store. Rishita says that it’s first-rate.

Pandya own family is having food. Gautam gets cellphone from the sanatorium. The medical doctor asks Gautam to come to the sanatorium bringing his spouse. Gautam informs about the same.

Suman gets involved. Gautam says that the medical doctor might have referred to as to talk about Dhara’s reports. Shiva says that he leaves for save.

Rishita says that Dhara and Gautam should go away immediately and she has to make meals, how she will be able to do. Suman says that Rishita wishes Dhara to cook and leave. She provides that her interview isn’t more than Dhara’s baby. Gautam tells Suman to allow Rishita go to the interview, however Suman says that she can go after finishing cooking. Gautam and Dhara leave.

Gautam and Dhara are at the manner in the vehicle. They see Shiva going by means of stroll. Dhara asks Shiva to sit down inside the car, however Gautam refuses and scoffs Shiva.

Later Dhara says to Gautam he need to have let Shiva to sit inside the car and asks Gautam to get Shiva a second motorcycle. Gautam says that she wishes him to get Shiva a motorcycle so that he can once more burn it.

Rishita is cooking and worries that she’s getting past due for interview. Dev and Krish come there and assist them. Dev says that he will help her to get ready for the interview and asks her query.

Suman comes to the kitchen and taunts that Rishita can’t prepare dinner even after humans assist her. She asks Dev and Krish to depart. They go away and make Rishita works. Suman thinks that Dhara wishes a girl’s presence with her, so Rishita received’t do any process for now.

An car splashes dust water on Shiva. The latter fights with the car driver. He stops on seeing Raavi sitting in the auto. Raavi says the auto driver to no longer get scared and says that she can call police.

The car driving force says that it’s his mistake, he didn’t see the mud water. He apologizes to Shiva. The latter says that he left the automobile motive force as he Appologized. Raavi asks him to analyze to mention sorry too. Shiva says that sorry is requested while he has performed something wrong they argue. Shiva leaves.