Pandya Store Written Update 28 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 28 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 28 July 2021,Raavi asking Anita what happened to her foot. Anita tells that she sprained her ankle while working. She leaves. Shiva and Dev say that they can’t wait for Gautam and Dhara room. Gautam gets angry and shouts how to make them understand room won’t be made. Shiva and Dev say that they have another solution Gautam and Dhara will stay in their room. Dev and Shiva start vacating their respective room. Shiva and Dev argue. Krish says that they can have a competition between Shiva and Dev and decide.

Dhara says no one vacate their room. Raavi says to Dhara that they should move to their room today. Dev says to Raavi to let them move to his room as he’s room is big and moreover it was their room. Shiva and Dev pull Gautam. Rishita shouts that she won’t leave her room, she needs her space. Dev says firmly that Dhara and Gautam will move to their room. Rishita puts the luggages in the room and closes the door. Dev shouts at Rishita, but Dhara stops him saying Rishita is right. Shiva says that Rishita is right.

Gautam and Dhara will move to his room. There’s no use of his room as Raavi doesn’t like the smell of oil in his room, so she agreed to sleep in the hall. Raavi says that she’s ready to leave the room to support him, not to go away from him, but his anger doesn’t let him to understand it. Raavi tells Dhara to move to her as they don’t need it. Krish tells them to stop it. He says that Suman will decide about this and goes to bring Suman.

Krish informs the family that Suman isn’t in her room. Family gets worried. Dhara tries to contact Suman, but her phone is non reachable. They go to Kanta’s house to enquire about Suman. Kanta says that she doesn’t where Suman went. She hasn’t met her since morning. The brothers go to look for Suman.

The brothers come back and say that they can’t find Suman. Rishita tells that Suman acted very irresponsible, she left home without informing to anyone. Shiva supports Suman saying she has never done like this before. He doubts that Janardan would have kidnapped Suman as she must have seen Janardan’s man spoiling the cement last night. Rishita says that insulting her and her family has become Shiva’s habit. She argues with Shiva says that Janardan is behind them since she got married and he even gave an open threat.

They have reason to doubt her dad and they all know how he’s. He will kill Janardan if anything happens to his mom. Rishita shouts at Shiva and badmouths him. Raavi comes and stands in front of Shiva and tells Raavi to not talk rubbish about Shiva. Rishita complaints that Dev didn’t defend her when Shiva accused her family. Dev says that Shiva was right. Rishita argues with Dev. Dhara and Gautam stop them and remind them that Suman is missing and they should file her missing FIR instead of arguing like this. Raavi says that Suman has come. The family looks towards the entrance and finds Suman.

Gautam and the family rush to her. Gautam asks where she went, he was worried. Suman taunts Gautam that the other when she and Dhara fell, he went to help Dhara. Dhara notices Susan’s bangles are missing and asks Suman about the same. Suman reveals that she sold the bangles shocking the family. Shiva gets emotional and says that he got that bangles from Prafula, but she sold it easily. Suman tells that she sold those bangles to construct Dhara and Gautam’s bedroom.

Two men bring cement materials. Gautam gets emotional and says that Suman sold their dad’s last memory for them. Suman says it’s between her and husband and no one should interfere between them. If her husband was alive, he would told her to see the bangles as well. Suman apologizes to Shiva. The latter says that they wanted to build the bedroom with their own money, not by selling the bangles. Suman says that they’re middle class and they work hard to save money.

Her bangles don’t have any value in front of family. She tells Shiva to smile and hug him. The family look at them getting emotional. Suman tells Shiva to make the bedroom now for Dhara and Gautam. Family share a group hug except Rishita. Yadon ki baaraat plays in the BG. Rishita says as they got lot of cement materials, they can make the bathroom as well. Suman says no Dev says that they will make Gautam and Dhara’s room first.

Shiva and Krish come across Hardik in the cement shop. Hardik says that he’s going to Pandya nivas to meet Dhara as she’s not answering his calls. Shiva tells that they are constructing bedroom for Dhara and Gautam. Hardik gets happy hearing this.

Raavi phones Prafula and asks if Anita was at home last night. Prafula gets shock. Prafula asks Raavi how she can doubt her sister. Raavi says that how she knows what she’s going to ask. Prafula covers saying that Anita told someone damaged the cement materials by adding water. Last night, she had headache and Anita was taking care of her. Raavi believes her and hangs the phone up.

Later Shiva wants to go to the terrace to guard. Raavi stops him and asks how long he will run away from her. Shiva says that she should be happy to get rid off him. Shiva tries to open the door, but Raavi stops him and tells Shiva to forget whatever he read in the diary. Shiva says that he’s unable. Raavi says that they can make new memories to forget the past, they can become friends. Shiva says that there can never become friends.