Pandya Store Written Update 29 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 29 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 29 July 2021, the Pandya brothers working to construct Dhara’s bedroom. Suman looks at them happily and wishes that the room gets complete soon so that she can get the good news.

Yaadon ki baaraat plays in the background. The morning Rishita brings tea for Shiva and everyone. Krish says that they completed the wall.

If they continue to work fast like this, Gautam and Dhara can shift here soon. Shiva tells him that they need to water the wall for the next fifteen days. Dhara comes there. She smiles looking at the construction work. The brothers imitate her. Dhara hugs them. Days pass, Shiva and Raavi put to wet saak on the wall.

Anita throws the things and shouts that Dhara’s room getting built insipite of her ruining the cement materials. Prafula gets shocked hearing this and scolds Anita. The latter tells Prafula to leave her alone. The brothers have built the room.

Shiva and Krish are painting the wall. Raavi brings tea and samosa for them. She sends Krish to wash his hands. She tells Shiva to get down from the ladder. Shiva gets down. Raavi gets on the ladder to paint. Shiva notices this and demands her to get down else he will make her fall.

Raavi doesn’t listen to him. Shiva moves the ladder and Raavi falls back. Shiva catches her in his arm. The pain falls over them. Shiva puts her down.

He says that he will wash off the paint. He tries to move away. Raavi holds his hand and tells him that she’s a part of his life and he can’t wipe it her off. Krish comes back. He laughs on seeing Raavi and Shiva and says they’re made for each other.

In the night the brothers come to the newly made bedroom with Raavi and Rishita. They plan to surprise Gautam and Dhara by decorating their room.

They wonder how to do it without Dhara’s knowledge. Rishita tells Raavi to take Dhara out the morning. Shiva says that Dhara does all the household work and she takes care of Suman as well. Suman will get worried if she doesn’t find Dhara in the morning.

Rishita says that she and Raavi will divide the household works. Raavi agrees. Krish says that they will inform Gautam as well about their plan. They all glare at him. Krish says that he won’t tell.

Raavi places a gift for Shiva on the bed and hopes he likes it. Raavi notices Shiva coming and pretends to arrange her clothes in the cupboard. Shiva notices the gift and asks Raavi what it’s. Raav says that she doesn’t. Shiva open the gift and finds a shirt.

Raavi says that the one who gifted him the shirt, knows that he likes black color and check shirt and would have went to many to shop to find a such a beautiful shirt for him. Shiva asks Raavi what she wants to prove by doing this. He says that she bought it feeling pity on him.

Raavi clarifies that she bought it as he didn’t like the shirt she got for him the other day. Shiva says that he didn’t ask her. Raavi tells that she also told him to leave her in the mukteshwar temple, but he didn’t leave then how she can leave him. Shiva thinks in mind that he started like her.

Raavi tells him to speak. Shiva tells that he’s going to sleep and tells Raavi to sleep too as she has to take Dhara out morning.

The morning Dhara is doing the household works. Raavi tells Dhara to come with her. Dhara says that she has lot of work. Shiva tells Dhara to leave with Raavi.

Raavi calls a rickshaw. Dhara refuses to come with her. Raavi emotionally blackmails her and Dhara sits in the rickshaw. They leave.

Suman wakes up from the sleep and comes to the Hall searching Dhara. She finds the brothers sleeping. Rishita comes there. Suman tells her to make masala tea for her. Rishita nods ok and goes to the kitchen. Suman calls out Raavi and realizes that they both went out.

Raavi brings Dhara to Hardik’s house. Dhara asks Raavi why she brought her here and refuses to go inside. Hardik comes out. Dhara recalls Hardik’s words. Rishita gives Suman her tea. She smells the tea and looks at Rishita.