Pandya Store Written Update 30 August 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 30 August 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 30 August 2021, Medical doctor telling Dhara and Gautam that Dhara’s a few reviews effects are extraordinary, so she need to be extra careful and ought to take strain.

Gautam says to the doctor that Dhara receives involved even for small things and asks the physician to make Dhara apprehend. Doctor advises Dhara to be glad and lead lively lifestyle and says to Gautam to look after Dhara.

Doctor adds that it may be Dhara’s final threat to get a mother, it’s a difficult pregnancy. Dhara receives concerned. Gautam reassures her.

Rishita reaches past due to her interview. She requests on the receptionist to talk to the manager. The receptionist says that the panel, who speculated to take interview left. She says that she has Rishita’s resume and will call her if there’s any interview. Rishita comes to Dev.

He excitedly asks what befell. Rishita angrily says that she were given late due to household works. Dev guarantees to no longer allow her desires to get shattered. Rishita asks how and wonders whether or not her desires gets fulfilled. He assures that it will. They leave.

In the night time, Dhara asks Rishita about her interview. Rishita says that the next time. Dhara realises that Rishita were given past due for her interview and apologized for leaving to the sanatorium. She assures that the next time, it gained’t appear like that. Rishita blames Suman. She says that she became cooking, but Suman came and she or he got scared. Suman comes there and hears this. Rishita says that Suman should have ordered lunch from hotel or let Krish and Dev help her.

Suman deliberately scared her, so that she doesn’t cook and receives past due for her interview. Suman complains that her daughters-in-law are complaining approximately her. Dhara denies it. Suman asks Dhara to punish Rishita. Dhara requests Suman to forgive her. Dhara goes to smooth the kitchen. Suman stops Dhara and says that she received’t do any paintings, Gautam informed that physician instructed to be extra cautious and asks Rishita to all of the paintings. She tells Rishita to not attempt to locate some other task. She leaves.

Rishita says that Dhara have to do any work, if health practitioner asked her to be greater careful. Dhara says that she misses Raavi, if Raavi was here, she could have helped Rishita. Rishita says that if Shiva says sorry to Raavi, their hassle will be solved. Dhara says that dating doesn’t work in that way. They each should depart their ego aand come down. They must understand each different.

Raavi is drying garments inside the balcony. Shiva is taking the burden. Raavi gets his friend Ajay’s name and talks with him approximately becoming a member of college again. Raavi notices Shiva searching at her. She says that she’s happy after rejoining the university.

She laughs and disconnects the call. Shiva laments. Raavi says that Shiva will blame her for speakme to the lads guffawing as her she’s characterless. Shiva brings a ladder and gets on it to attain Raavi. He holds her. Raavi asks if she has come to combat with her. Shiva asks why he’ll get angry after they don’t proportion any relation. He tells to speak with whoever she desires. He receives down. Raavi says that they’ve relationship of hatred. She says that she hates him. Shiva hears this and leaves.

Dhara is asking at Raavi’s picture on her phone and speaking. She asks Raavi to return again. Gautam sees this. Gautam assures Dhara that everything can be great. Dhara says that Raavi and Shiva can’t recognise their feelings for every other and asks Gautam to do some thing to assist them. Gautam says that Dhara isw taking stress which isn’t right for her.

Gautam says that they have got attempted to make Shiva and Raavi understand, however they didn’t understand. They have to supply them time, their dating gets better with time. Gautam wants to take Dhara out to get her gol gappe.

Dhara says that she will be able to get higher when Raavi will come lower back. Gautam assures her that Raavi will come returned. He says that Rishita turned into proper they ought to ship Raavi and Shiva to a marriage counselor. He will communicate to them.

Rishita explains to the maid what are the works she has to do. She negotiates along with her for the earnings. She assures that she will pay her extra while she get activity. The maid agrees and depart announcing she will be able to come from tomorrow.

Dhara and Gautam come down stairs. Gautam says that Suman is slumbering. He’s going out taking Dhara. Rishita says that she can cope with Suman. Dhara and Gautam depart.

At the store, a man says to Shiva that Raavi did incorrect with him. He says that he is aware of few girls and if he wants he can arrange their meeting. He says that Raavi became additionally doing the equal. Shiva gets indignant and calls the person’s wife and complains about him.

The spouse beats her husband and takes him from there. Dev, who have witnessed the whole thing, tells to Shiva that human beings will talk terrible approximatelyRaavi due to the fact Shiva has shouted at Raavi in front of all people. He tells Shiva to confess his mistake. Dev gets a name and leaves for domestic. Shiva thinks that he has accomplished a huge mistake, but he can’t rectify it. He wonders a way to prevent people from talking terrible approximately Raavi.