Pandya Store Written Update 30 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 30 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 30 July 2021, Gautam waking up from sleep and seeing her brothers sleeping beside him. He calls Dhara. The brothers wake up shouting.

Suman makes Rishita drinks the tea made by her. Rishita feels to throw up. Suman warns her that if she doesn’t make a tasty breakfast, she will make her it as well.

Rishita runs from there. She throws up. Krish shouts out good news. Rishita says it’s a torture, she got tea for Suman and she made her drink it. Gautam asks Rishita why she made tea, where Dhara is. Rishita says that Raavi took Dhara out.

Hardik asks Dhara why she’s leaving. Raavi tells Hardik to not send Dhara home before evening and leaves. Hardik calls Dhara inside.

He tells her to understand his situation by being his brother. He said those things only for her goodness and today her bedroom got built. Dhara says that Gautam got hurt and she can feel his pain.

Shiva tells Gautam that they have sent Dhara to Hardik house so that they reconcile. Gautam nods ok and leaves. Rishita tells about Sudan’s warning and asks where Raavi is.

She can’t handle. Shiva reassures her saying that they will handle. Hardik says that she never thinktfir herst, so he has done.

He apologizes to Dhara by folding his hands. Dhara hugs him. Dhara asks how he will convince Gautam. His friendship with Gautam spoiled because of her. Hardik assures her that they can never get seperated.

Rishita is cooking and Dev is helping. Suman jokes and asks Dev what he’s doing in the kitchen. Dev says that he has come to drink water.

He takes Suman from there making an excuse. He notices Shiva and wonders why he didn’t bring food. Shiva goes to the kitchen.

Rishita asks where the breakfast. Shiva jokes. He then takes a bag from the outside of the window and says he would get beaten by Suman if brought it from the front side. Rishita tells Shiva to go and handle everythin outside, she will bring the food.

Suman wait for the breakfast. Gautam tells the brothers to get ready to go to the shop. The trip pretend to have stomach and refuses to go.

Suman says that she will also going to get stomach as Rishita is making the breakfast. Dev says that she made tasty food. Suman taunts Dev. Shiva also supports Dev. Gautam leaves for the shop. Rishita brings the breakfast.

Krish brings the tea. Shiva and Dev praise the breakfast. Krish is about to spill the truth, but stops when the brothers glare at him.

Suman asks what type of punishment she used to get at school for cheating. Rishita tells the difference punishment she was given at the school. Suman tells Rishita to sit like hen as punishment for lying to her and also making her sons lie. She can’t make such tasty food. Even the tea is made by Dev.

Raavi comes home and laughs on seeing Rishits. She says that Rishita looks cute and if they do a competition of sitting like hen, Rishita will win it.

Suman tells Raavi sit like hen to give competition to Rishita. Raavi obeys. Suman asks where she went in the early morning. Raavi says that she went to leave Dhara at Hardik’s house to surprise Dhara. Krish says that Shiva told Hardik to kepp Dhara at his house till evening so that he doesn’t spoil the surprise. Rishita falls back.

Krish laughs. Shiva mocks Raavi. Suman tells Shiva to sit like hen along with Raavi. Krish takes their photo saying they look made for sach other.

Suman tells Krish to sit like hen too. Shiva signs Suman that Dev is left. Suman tells Dev he must be feeling left out, sit like hen on the sofa. He obeys. Suman warns thT lunch should not come from outside.

Raavi is cooking and Rishita is helping her. She wahes a plate and forgets to close the tap. Rishita brings the fan into the kichen. Raavi asks Rishita to pass the ingredients. Rishita gets offended and argue with Raavi. They get into a fight. Suman shouts to give her medicine.

Raavi tells Rishita to give Suman her medicine. Rishita says that Raavi to go. She adds that she hasn’t not habit to hear orders. Raavi leaves. The water falls down and touches the fan wire. Raavi comes back and notices this and gets shocked.