Pandya Store Written Update 31 August 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 31 August 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 31 August 2021, Suman calling out Dhara and Gautam. She sits at the wheelchair and is going to search for Gautam and Dhara.

Rishita is in quandary to call her sister or now not. If dad gets to realize, he’s going to get irritated, but she misses her. She calls Keerti, however she doesn’t answer.

Rishita leaves. Suman calls Rishita and asks to call Dhara and Gautam. Rishita says that Gautam took Dhara to the market. She receives Keerti’s name and goes aside to speak announcing to Suman that she will are available a while. Suman shouts that she wants to go to the bathroom. Suman calls out Rishita.

Rishita says that she’s coming. Just then she receives a call. The girl says that the panel liked her profile and tells to get ready for an interview on video call. Rishita places her headsphone and attends the interview. Suman calls out, but Rishita can’t hear her.

In the market Gautam and Dhara are having gol gappe. Gautam challenges that he can Suman movements to the rest room and tries to open the rest room door via herself.

She sits again at the wheelchair feeling some thing. She seems bowled over and starts offevolved crying feeling embarrassed. Rishita says to the interviewer that she is bendy both office and work at home.

Prafulla tells the priest to find an NRI alliance for Raavi in order that the boy doesn’t realize that Raavi were given divorced. On seeing Raavi and Anita, Prafulla scolds the priest announcing that Raavi isn’t yet got divorced and the priest introduced new alliances for her.

Raavi threatens the clergymen and sends him out. Raavi scolds Prafulla. She says that this divorce is her lifestyles’s biggest failure. She cries. She says that she did not recognize what Shiva wishes. She couldn’t tell him, she desires to stay for him, she wants to end up his. Prafulla and Anita looks taken aback.

At the store, Shiva is going to supply the groceries to a consumer. Prafulla says that Shiva received’t recognize her love and asks why she’s lamenting. She has left that house and she or he can’t cross lower back there.

Raavi says it’s no longer clean for her, Shivani words, questions and silence maintain traumatic her. She requests Prafulla to not try and repair her alliance with all and sundry. She is getting hurt. She tells Prafulla to find a appropriate alliance for Anita. Prafulla spills that Anita doesn’t want to get married as she dreams to marry Gautam.

Dhara takes Gautam apart who is having trouble for ingesting spicy gol gappe. Dhara kisses on his cheek. He coughs and says that his belly is hurting. Dhara goes to get water for him. Raavi questions Anita and says that she can in no way let incorrect appear with Dhara.

Anita says that Raavi is protecting Dhara, who celebrated her divorce. Raavi says that she will never assist Anita in this. She will inform the truth to all and sundry. Anita says that Prafulla is having a false impression. She doesn’t want to marry Gautam.

She signs and symptoms Prafulla to say. Prafulla nods sure. Raavi gets her friend, Ruhi’s name. Raavi says that she will by no means help incorrect and leaves. Anita scolds Prafulla for spilling the reality in front of Rishita.

Rishita gets the process. She is asked to join in fifteen days. Rishita is going out and shares the best news with Dev. They hug. Dev notices Suman. Rishita and Dev visit Suman. Dev asks why she’s sitting here. Suman turns her face other aspect feeling embarrassed. Dev receives concerned and asks what occurred. Suman tells to name Dhara. Other Dhara gives water to Gautam. Dhara says that she’s feeling restless.

Gautam reassures her. Dev asks Rishita if Dhara isn’t at home. Rishita says that Gautam and Dhara went out. Suman tells them to phone Dhara and calls her. Dev asks to tell him or Rishita. The latter notices the wet floor and remembers Suman telling her to take her to the rest room. She cries feeling guilty. Dev additionally notices the ground being moist and cries.