Pandya Store Written Update 6 September 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 6 September 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 6 September 2021, Dev thinking Suman is getting so irritated. Suman is going. Rishita says I instructed sorry commonly, at the least you forgive me, I scolded you the day before today, I want to repair the whole lot.

Dhara says Suman is shaken within, her annoyance is justified, don’t make clear a good deal, things get spoiled. Rishita gets dissatisfied.

Raavi makes a plan to win dahi handi opposition. Prafulla says you want to compete with boys. Raavi says loosen up, permit me try this please. Prafulla says you already know Pandya circle of relatives maintains bhandara each yr, they are able to do any drama.

Raavi says allow them to do the drama, I will see them, I m best now. Dhara says you received’t leave your job, k. She asks Dev no longer to pressure Rishita to depart the process.

Dev says I turned into simply explaining her priorities, we are able to help you inside the paintings. They hug Dhara. Dhara offers the get dressed and asks Rishita to put on it on Janmashtami. Rishita thank you her.

Dhara says thank Gautam, I m going to present this to Raavi. Rishita says don’t go, she will be able to scold you. Dhara says I will also talk to her, she can hug me understanding the good information. Raavi climbs the pyramid. She falls down.

Prafulla worries for her. Raavi asks her to relax. The women gang depart. Dhara comes. She says Gautam gets presents for family on each Janmashtami, Gautam despatched this lahenga for you. Prafulla says you… Dhara says I m speakme to Raavi. Raavi says inform Gautam to send returned this lahenga. Dhara says you and Shiva didn’t get divorced but. Raavi says I won’t come.

Dhara says I should give you a great news. Raavi says you’ve got already given the good information through sending divorce papers. Dhara says you may remorse loads while you see the reality. Raavi asks her to go away. Dhara asks Prafulla to provide matchbox to Raavi to burn the dress. She leaves. Everyone works for Janmashtami feature. Rishita is going to make tea.

Krish says Shiva might be triumphing. The man says Raavi stated she can win. Shiva asks will I lose to her, just I will win the motorbike. Krish says wow, this time it is going to be a laugh. Shiva runs to beat him. Gautam is at the store. Dhara comes tired.

He asks what occurred. She says Raavi refused to take the dress, I asked her to wear it or burn it. He laughs. He says we recognize Raavi because morning, you believe you studied she can burn the dress, she will put on the get dressed and are available in puja. She asks him to end the paintings and are available domestic. She goes. He prays.

Rishita asks didn’t Raavi pay attention, I instructed you not to move there. Dhara says I left the dress there. Rishita says she gained’t put on it. Dhara says you will persuade her, if she comes again, then all people can be happy with you. Rishita laughs.

Dhara says you depart it on me, I will make her understand that she remains part of the circle of relatives. Rishita asks what’s the assure that she can listen to you. Dhara says simply bring her domestic, Suman scolds you continually, in case you don’t do this, then I will now not go away you. Rishita says what’s this, you are threatening me. Dhara goes.

Prafulla says the lahenga is suiting me a lot. Raavi says this lahenga won’t suit you, you received’t put on it, I won’t put on it, anybody will recognise that I m now not associated with Pandya own family. Dhara prays that Shiva and Raavi unite. Anita likes the get dressed. She says maybe Gautam has despatched this for Raavi, Raavi doesn’t fee it, I will put on this for Gautam.

Rishita comes and takes the dress. Anita says I was simply seeing it. Rishita says depart it, take this present, its for you. Anita likes the dress. Rishita says its my get dressed, its pretty, I mean I chose it, I got it for you, you take care of me plenty. Anita thanks her. Krish comes inner and goes to meet Raavi. Rishita thinks I should get Raavi domestic.