Pandya Store Written Update 8 September 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 8 September 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 8 September 2021, Krish throwing away Raavi’s dresses. He opens the door to find Raavi. She asks what he’s doing there.

Krish begins acting but Raavi shuts him and confronts him. He says he didn’t have an option as she left the house. Suman is scolding Dhara that in which are the daughters in law aa they need to perform the pooja first. Dhara says she can test and unearths Rishita coming in. Suman scoffs her.

Krish hugs her and apologizes for his mistake however Raavi pushes him. She says they all celebrated playing drums when she left and now separately are pleading to go back. She asks if it’s due to their recognition. She asks him to go and manipulate his brother Shiva.

Shiva thinks that he misplaced lots due to Raavi however now not this bike. Krish hugs Raavi with stained arms and spoils the get dressed she changed into sporting too. He says he knew that no matter what she says she loves them plenty and will honestly come. Saying so he leaves.

Dev hosts the opposition and welcomes all people. A girl comes and asks Raavi approximately the stain on her get dressed. Raavi appears at her dress and fumes at Krish. She wonders what all people are planning. Suman calls Anita and asks approximately her wearing Rishita’s dress.

Anita says Rishita gave it to her and Suman insults her to return after the celebration. She asks what did she provide to get the get dressed for which Anita says she just gifted it to her as she considers her as her elder sister.

Dhara asks Rishita why did she carry Anita. Rishta says she did all this for Raavi to put on the get dressed proficient with the aid of Gaumbi. Dhara needs it occurs and says she knows how to make her perform the pooja if she wears the get dressed.

Dhara involves Suman and Krish alerts Rishita and she receives glad. She joins Dhara. Kanta asks Suman about the imparting she stored for Pooja and asks if any wish of her got fulfilled. Suman manages the situation announcing that her son’s were given married, although one left, one continues to be there.

She sends her away and thinks that she wants to shout approximately the best information but she couldn’t. Dhara takes papaya fruit to devour however Suman stops her. Kanta asks why she’s stopping Dhara from having papaya and asks if she’s pregnant.

Suman shuts her and asks her to concentrate on her work. Prafula notices it. Dhara goes to Gaumbi who covers her with shawl. Dhara says that the way he behaves, everyone will remember the fact that they are hiding something. Gaumbi asks if she’s not glad with the information.

Dhara says after all the scoffs she sooner or later were given the happiness and receives scared whether or not it would lost long. Gaumbi shuts her and assures her that nothing will move wrong. He hugs her.

Everyone receives known as for gambling garba. Rishta checks all her garments disappeared and understands their plan. Rishta and Dev are gambling garba with absolutely everyone.

Some women name Dhara for playing garba however Suman lies that she’s now not nicely because of which she desires to take care of her.

Prafula and Anita fumes seeing Suman’s over difficulty on Dhara and wonders what’s the cause. Raavi burns the dress gifted via Gaumbi whilst Shiva desires of Raavi and dances garba. He soon realizes its goals.