Qurbaan Hua Written Update 24 Saptember 2020

Qurbaan Hua Written Update 24 Saptember 2020, Chahat tells Neil that there are eggs somewhere nearby, but he says that this is not possible at a Brahmin’s house, but the desire clings to his intuition.

Mami ji gives Pooja Theli to Naveli and asks her to take him to Vyas ji and wait for Aarti to perform.

The article comes with Krupa and asks Bhupendra about the camera setup. Ghazal who is watching all this feels happy while Mama ji says Chhath for the ceremony.

She goes with Mama ji who scolds Bhupendra for her bad jokes while Ghazal tries to see Chahat’s face. Chahat sits in the hammock and Alekh bestows grace in her hand after which the navel performs her aarti.

Chahat is troubled by itching and is sure to have eggs here.

Chaht’s gaze goes to a sack in which the eggs are laid and Neil notices her look while he is worried about the egg and is afraid of what will happen if Vyas ji finds out.

Vyas ji first gets up to get a sack to donate, but Chahat feels that if he touches those eggs, it will become a sin for his religion and this live will be seen in the entire village.

He moves towards the sack while Chaat signals Neil and Tejaswi tells him about the egg sack. Vyas ji is about to touch the egg sack, but Neil stops him and asks to be taken home.

He goes and puts the sack on a weighing scale, while Neil wonders why Vyasa wanted to stop Vyas ji from getting the special sack.

Neil puts the sack outside the garden and realizes the chaat was perfect and has eggs. The article tells the ghazal to put a sack for weighing.

She takes the bag with money and tries to see Chahat’s face but is unable to do so but Vyas ji stops him from keeping the bag.

He says that he does not want it to be included in the weight, but Chahat is surprised.

Lekh takes the bag and puts it aside and tells him that he has arranged it. Neil purifies the place where the egg sack was kept. Meanwhile, everyone puts on weight and it becomes equal, so Vyas ji asked Mama ji to give something to Neil.

Ghazal, who is angry, decides to take revenge on Neil for destroying his plan. Chahat wonders who would have brought the egg sack here while Neil feels that Baig could have done it.

Ghazal enters the house to find out what Neil needs to drink, but Mami curses Vyas ji. She loudly states that the drink is placed on the table, unaware that Ghazal is listening and then leaves.

Ghazal thought of spilling the drink with the poison he had brought to kill himself in case of fighting.

Meanwhile, Chahat thinks that the person who stole Neyveli’s phone and sent Neil to jail, he must have brought eggs here.

Ghazal hears Chandler’s voice and thinks that she recognizes him while Chahat also hears the same and thinks what this might mean.

Ghazal goes upstairs to check what this sound is and sees that Chandler who is Chahat and is surprised to see them.

She thinks that if the wish could possibly happen here, but then thinks that if Chaat had captured them, she would have died.

He cheats that they took the jewels from his house and kept it here.

She vows to kill Neil, while Chahat realizes that her mother must be trying to give him some hints about something bad.

Vyas ji asks Mama ji to bring a drink for Neil, while Naavi asks Chahat to place Kripa’s hand marks on the silver plate which will go for charity.

Mama ji informs Vyas ji that the drink is not there and Mama ji asks to find Mami. Vyas shanks high blanks, while Chahat sees a blurred reflection of the ghazal that is spiking the drink.

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