Qurbaan Hua Written Update 25th Saptember 2020

Qurbaan Hua Written Update 25th Saptember 2020, Chahat sees someone spitting Neil’s drink in reflection and tries to warn Neil but he doesn’t listen to her due to the sound of a conch.

Chahat then handed Krupa to the navel and got off the swing, which caught everyone’s attention with the sound of falling sacks.

He rushes over to catch the person while the others are surprised. Ghazal finds herself locked when Chaht comes to the door and asks her to beat him.

Ghazal gets scared and turns off the light while Chahat pushes the door to open it.

Vyas ji is frustrated with Chaat’s act when she somehow enters the room, but does not see anyone. Chahat finds that if someone is there, Gajala notices the stench on his feet and wonders how he came to know that there is someone here.

Ghazla sees Chahat’s face in the mirror and is shocked while Chahat grabs her and is about to catch her but Ghazala pushes him away.

Aalekh says that he should not have done it knowing that it was live streaming while Vyas ji shouted his name. Chaat switches on the light to find the person but it is too late.

Vyas ji and others enter the room and he questions about her getting away and says that he has insulted her and her rituals.

She tells that she saw someone in the room, so she came here, she tells him that someone wants to harm her family, but the article makes fun of her.

Vyas ji asks her to prove her statement and she agrees and takes them to the place where there is a sack of eggs and asks them to cover their face.

He asks why it is that she reveals that an egg sack is kept there which surprises everyone.

Chahat says that someone insulted them with a sack of eggs along with donated things and she did not want this to happen.

Vyas ji asked Mama ji to investigate and he checked and found that the sack is full of grains which shakes the chaut.

She goes to investigate but cannot find the eggs, as Ghazal replaces Bori, who proves her wrong but she tries to convince him that she is telling the truth.

But Vyas ji gets angry and says that he has lied again and insulted his ritual.

Neil speaks for the chaat but Vyas ji does not believe him and tells Chahat to shut up. He tells Mami to bring a drink for Neil so that the ceremony can end but Chahat is worried.

Mami brings the glass but tries to convince Chahat ji that it is spiked and may contain poison.

Mami says she is trying to point at him and makes fun of him for not doubting him without listening to Chaat.

Vyas ji gets emotional and scolds Chahat for breaking the family.

Chahat breaks down and still tries to convince them but no one listens. Vyas ji asks Neil to take a glass and drink it and he also goes, it also shows the feeling of chaat.

Neil is about to take the glass when he wants to stop her and asks Vyas ji to stop drinking Neil and believes what he said.

Vyas ji takes the glass from Neil and says that he will drink it himself and prove it wrong. He is her drinker when she wants to snatch the glass and drinks it herself which surprises everyone.

Chahat says she could not allow him to risk his life to prove her wrong, so she drank it. But Vyas ji still does not believe in him and says that he does not have time for all this.

Everyone goes and Neil also does not believe Chait and when he faints and he sees her on the ground.

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