Qurbaan Hua Written Update 9 December 2020

Qurbaan Hua Written Update 9 December 2020, While she is in the hospital, Chait is worried about not having a single case since Neil tries to lighten her mood by asking how he looks after the haircut. She says that she looks like a hero but in a low tone when she is called inside by a doctor. The doctor asks her where is her subject for the practical, she should apologize because she cannot do a single case for the practical at the civil hospital and requests the doctor to give her some cases.

He says he can’t help her and has to fail for this practical but Neil comes in and says that they basically need a patient to get the stitches. He asks for a minute and is badly hit in his head so that he gets a wound to become a patient.

Chahat prevents him from hurting himself in any way and sees a big cut on his head. He says that now she can give him a stitch and wants permission from the doctor and makes him sit. The doctor gives permission but is surprised by Neil’s gesture of love. Chahat applies stitches but her hand trembles as she is afraid of hurting him.

He wears her a stethoscope and listens to her beat to ease her nervousness. She feels calm and starts stitching while Neil stitches her. The doctor is impressed by Chaat’s stitch and asks him to go to room number 11 for the next case. She feels happy and Neil also expresses his happiness for her.

At home, a delivery boy comes to deliver very expensive medicines and says that Neil has ordered them. Aalekh sees Bill at one of Bhopu’s addresses and suspects that something is wrong so he decides to go there and investigate. At the hospital, the doctor tells Chahat about the next patient who is a depression patient and explains his condition and reason behind it.

He explains that the patient’s family does not let his child close to him, so the will takes the child and slowly gives it to the child. The patient becomes emotional and holds her child with love, the doctor asks Chahat why she did it, so she explains that depression is a disease, but a mother is able to see and care for her children Can.

Neil sees all this from outside and realizes that if Baig sees Chhath in trouble, he can fully recover. The Doctor praises Chahat for his performance and gives him good grades and even praises Neil for his work. Chahat feels guilty and decides to tell Neil that his father tried to kill him and also informs Vyas ji about his identity. Neil calls Bhopu and asks about Baig and then says that he will make a video call and it should be visible to Baig that he can react.

Chahat comes in and tries to talk to Neil but he takes her to a room and says that her talk is more important, he tells her to act that he tortures her in a video call, he Confused but Neil convinces her.

Neil makes a video call and Bhopu puts the phone in front of Baig and wants to scream in pain and they act as if he is harassing her. Beg sees this and shouts and hears a licking voice and asks Neil who it was. She gives him Dr. Beg decides to take her while he tries to go out to save her, thinking that he will kill Neil.

On the way, Chahat says that he will tell Vyas ji about his truth but Neil says that she can decide that he will show her something. Bhopu tried to stop Baig from escaping, while the article reached Bhopu’s address. Dr. Beg threatens to stab Bhopu with a knife and runs away with him, while Alekh receives Vyas ji’s call which prevents him from seeing Beg. He leaves for the house while Bhopu discovers Beg. Neil and Chahat reach the spot when Chahat tries to show him a video about his father, before it starts raining and he has to wait.

Chahat tries to tell Neil the truth but he says that he is longing to meet her which she is longing to meet, he is confused but looks at her emotionally. She says that she does not consider him her own when she tells him the truth and that the dreams she started dreaming of will break.

Neil consoles her and asks what happened, meanwhile Dr. Beg went to save Chaat with a knife. He sees Neil standing and chhats on the floor and stabs him but Bhopu shouts at the right time and saves Neil. Neil pushes Beg but he comes to stab her again but Chaat grabs her hand and is surprised to see her.

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