Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 22 july 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 22 july 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 22 july 2021 Gehna tells her instructor that she need to force the auto on the street today because it’s her closing day of schooling.

After a while, he tells her that she learnt using and asks her to move reverse and she or he makes mistake and he asks her to put the brake however she hits someone. He tells her that he informed that he will teach the ultimate thing the next day but she didn’t pay attention him and scolds her for hitting a person.

She cries pronouncing that she did nothing and he or she simply followed his commands. He tells her that they must leave now. She asks him that how can they go away as opposed to assisting that woman. He tells her that they need to escape earlier than absolutely everyone else comes and takes the motive force seat. She bends to take something and someone sees that girl and teacher.

on the other hand, Kanak serves tea to all people and asks Anant to buy ‘jalebi’ for everybody. He goes to his room and searches his vehicle key and sees from window that his automobile additionally missing and assumes that his brothers would have take the auto.

Then he learns that Pankaj snoozing and Chetan also inside the residence only and wonders that who took his vehicle.

Paresh asks him that what took place. Anant asks about his automobile saying that he saw from his room window but it’s lacking and additionally his car key. Praful tells him that the latter might have parked the automobile somewhere else and they is going to parking place.

trainer asks Gehna to now not inform whatever to anyone and offers the automobile key to her and leaves from there. Anant shocks seeing vehicle there. Paresh teases him. Gehna tells Kanak that the latter stored her and well-knownshows that she hit a person.

Kanak shocks hearing her and tells her that it’s a huge sin. Gehna tells her that she must assist that girl. Kanak tells her that they can assist that female later. Gehna shows the auto key to her. Kanak asks her to throw the key inside the room through window and the latter could not do it so she herself throws it.

Anant enters his room and unearths car key on his bed and thinks that some thing is fishy sincerely. Jamuna asks him about Gehna. Anant calls Gehna.

Kanak and Gehna visit help that lady. Gehna informs Kanak about Anant’s name and the latter asks her to no longer select the call. They reaches the twist of fate spot and Kanak asks Gehna to not get afraid seeing the crowd.

They learns that one lady crying due to the fact a person stole her handbag.

Kanak asks Gehna this is the latter certain that accident came about right here best because there may be no signal of an accident. Gehna tells her that she heard that woman’s scream. Kanak assures her saying that perhaps it’s only a small wound.