Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 22 September 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 22 September 2021

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 22 September 2021, Anant reaches Desai house and sees Professor Kumar sitting on the sofa. He asks him that where is Gehna now.

Professor Kumar tells him that he will tell him for sure. He says to him that Gehna is alive still but if the latter don’t do his work then Gehna may die.

He asks him to do his work if the latter want to save Gehna then. He shows bombs to him. Anant asks him that what the latter wants. Professor Kumar tells him to fix these bombs and he will tell the locations. And if Anant failed to complete this task in 15 minutes then he should forget Gehna too.

Professor Kumar tells him that he is not dumb to hide Gehna in Desai house. Anant tells him that he won’t kill innocent people.

Professor Kumar tells him that Anant can save Gehna only if the latter kills innocent people. He warns him to not go to Police. Anant takes the suitcase and leaves from there. Professor Kumar sees Gehna who is laying under the bed in unconscious state.

Anant reaches Police station. They defuses the bombs. Police inspector thanks him and praises him. Anant tells him that Gehna is in danger still and informs him that Professor Kumar kidnapped her.

He recalls that how Gehna called him and asks him to trap Professor Kumar in their plan. He tells everything to Police inspector. Police inspector tells him that his team reached Desai house already and asks him to not worry. Anant thanks him and leaves from there.

Meanwhile Professor Kumar waits to hear bomb blast sound. He learns that Anant betrayed him and sees Gehna regained her conscious too. He tries to take her from there. Anant reaches the house. Professor Kumar threatens to kill Gehna.

Anant tells him that the latter can’t kill Gehna. Gehna asks him to not worry about her and make sure that Professor Kumar gets his punishment for deceiving his own country.

Professor Kumar asks her to stop talking nonsense. Anant diverts Professor Kumar for a second and beats him. They fights. Professor Kumar takes the gun and tries to shoot Anant.

But Police reaches there and arrests Professor Kumar. Anant hugs Gehna. Professor Kumar gives one paper to Sagar without anyone’s knowledge. Sagar reads it and praises Professor Kumar’s plan saying that it’s the beginning of their destruction.

Sapan examines Gehna. Desai’s discuss about Professor Kumar. Hema tells them that Krishna end up in trouble because of Professor Kumar.

Radhika thinks that she can’t believe that Sagar let a terrorist live in Desai house. Praful praises Gehna’s bravery.

On the other hand, Anant regrets for not trusting Gehna. He tells Paresh that he always misunderstood Gehna.

He tells him that he realised that how much he loves Gehna. Praful and Jamuna comes there. They decides to do Gehna and Anant’s marriage again.