Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 19 July 2021

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 19 July 2021

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 19 July 2021, Reema calling Anokhi to their side. She taunts Anokhi for being Sabherwal family daughter in law and continues protesting.

Anokhi is about to move but Shaurya stops her and reminds her that she’s going against own family that could result in their biggest insult. She says that she knows that she’s his wife and daughter in law of the family even before that she’s a student and a girl.

She removes his hand and joins the protest. Tej taunts Shaurya for marrying Anokhi while he looks heartbroken at Anokhi. They all leave while students continue protesting.

Ahir comes home to find Babli with a notice in her hand. Sharma who’s the owner of their apartment gets eviction letter for Ahir to leave the place as Society people complaints against him.

He says that if he doesn’t vacate then they may even complaint to Commissioner. Babli says that she’s the problem and she will leave but asks him to not evict Ahir. He made it clear to them and leaves the place. Ahir taunts them.

Gayatri is lost in thoughts and Anokhi sees it. She makes her come back to reality and asks her to vent out her frustration on her.

Devi notices it and asks Anokhi to stop her acting. Anokhi says that being a woman she might be well aware of all the harassments faced by a woman at different places and asks her to understand their fear.

Devi says that over woman she’s also a daughter in law of the house and asks her to remember it or else she would regret a lot. Anokhi says no matter what happens she will always stand with truth.

Babli is making her things when Ahir asks what she’s doing. She says Vineet will not let them be at peace. Ahir asks Where’s she going.

Babli says she’ll go back to Kapurthala and will find a pg here from there. Ahir collects her clothes and takes it back to the cupboard. He says that she doesn’t need to go anywhere and says that they will speak with secretary. Babli is still worried. Anokhi is reading in her room when Shaurya comes there.

Shaurya asks the reason for her angry for which Anokhi says that she heard his promise to Alok to probe his innocence. She says that he believes Alok is innocent while she trusts that Priyanka is saying the truth.

He asks what will she do when she’s proven wrong. She says that she will be the happiest if that happens and will apologize everyone. She asks what will happen if he is proven wrong. He says he don’t know and leaves.

Students are protesting again and everyone are tensed. Shaurya says even if they start investigating none going to believe them. Alok says its all because of Anokhi who’s protesting against them.

Shaurya tries arguing but Tej shuts him abs asks him to control Anokhi. Shaurya asks Anokhi to come aside to speak in private but Anokhi asks him to say in front of everyone. She says she’s student here and thus wants to fulfill her responsibilities.

Another group headed by Kitty and Bebo protests against Anokhi for trying to gain fame using the issue. They both argue and protest against each other.

Ahir speaks with secretary who says that he can’t hell in any way as they allow only married couples to stay there. Ahir says that he’s disappointed but later lies that he’s going to marry Babli soon. Secretary cancels his eviction letter if it happens while Ahir wonders about Babli’s reaction.

Media starts interviewing the students. They asks Priyanka to say what happened. They say that Anokhi is that who’s the person accused but Anokhi says that college management is investigating the issue.

Media says that they heard that the accused person is a part of the management. Shaurya shouts at them and asks them to leave.

Shaan calms him down and requests Media to leave. They leaves the place and Shaurya shouts at Anokhi that whether she has proof against Alok. Anokhi asks Priyanka to play the recording. Priyanka plays it and everyone gets shocked hearing it.