Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 20 July 2021

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 20 July 2021

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 20 July 2021, Shaurya and everyone hearing the audio clip. Alok laughs at the audio and calls that it’s not his voice recording.

Anokhi warns him that now they can even check the originality of the audio clipping. Priyanka says she don’t want to go to police and a simply apology will do. Alok panics and asks Tej to do something but Tej says that he didn’t leave anything for him to say.

Shaan scolds Alok saying that Anokhi never lies but still they supported trusting him and he did such an act. Shaurya too says that he doubted his Anokhi and asks him to atleast think about Priyanka. He asks how could he do such a shameful act. Tej asks him to write an apology letter. Tej asks Shaurya to give one copy to Priyanka and one with themselves.

Alok denies apologizing but none listens to him and leaves including Kitty and Bebo. Alok looks vengeful at Anokhi. Priyanka thanks Anokhi for standing against her own family for her. She says it’s a fight for justice for woman and they all won their fight.

Anokhi video calls Babli who’s happy that they are able to prove the truth and is happy that atleast her fight with Shaurya will be resolved.

Anokhi apologizes Babli for not able to help her in her difficult situation. Babli asks her not to worrying as Ahir spoke with the Secretary and they took back the eviction letter. She hears doorbell and opens it to find society members standing outside. They give sweets to her for her upcoming wedding and Ahir feels caught.

Babli gets shocked Dev is lashing out at Alok for his cheap act when Alok trues arguing that he didn’t do anything. Kitty and Bebo says that everyone at college looks weird at them and it’s all because of Anokhi.

They expresses their trust on their father. Anokhi comes there and they both leave inside. Tej asks Anokhi to get out of the house as the years of respect which was gained by them is due to Anokhi.

Shaurya asks why they are blaming Anokhi when it’s Alok who did the mistake. Tej says there’s lots of other ways for her to handle the issue by controlling the students but she didn’t.

Anokhi says that she stood by the path of justice and there’s nothing wrong she did. Shaan and Shaurya supports her but Devi asks Shaurya to not support his wife blindly.

Shaurya reminds her that Anokhi first informed the issue to the family but its them who didn’t trust her. Tej leaves saying that if it continues then they can’t stay under one roof.

Babli fights with Ahir for his lie while Ahir trues to calm her. Ahir asks her to think carefully and asks what’s wrong with getting married.

Babli is disappointed with Ahir’s words. She scolds him and leaves upset. Shaurya apologizes Anokhi for not supporting her. Anokhi says that she can understand that he needed her the most today but she couldn’t stay by his side. She says she understands the situation. They both hug.

Shaurya asks her to not take Tej’s words to hurt as they all are upset right now. Anokhi worries about Kanchan, Gayatri, Kitty and Bebo.

Alok comes to college and everyone looks weird at him. Shagun comes there and assures to help Alok so that Anokhi would fall in front of everyone’s eyes.

Shagun meets with Priyanka and tries manipulating her with her words. Shaurya and Anokhi are romancing when Tej calls them for meeting. Shagun gives a letter to the board members that its written by Priyanka. She blames Anokhi for instigating Priyanka to file fake complaint.