Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 21 July 2021

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 21 July 2021

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 21 July 2021, Shagun provides a letter by Priyanka that it’s Anokhi who provoked Priyanka to file complaint against Alok.

Anokhi says that its all lies as why would she do this. Shaurya too supports her but Alok taunts them. Shaan asks why would Priyanka turn the statement just like that.

Alok mocks her again. Anokhi pleads them to let her speak with Priyanka for once. Shagun brings Priyanka while Tej confronts her for her statement.

Priyanka comes there and Anokhi confronts her. Shagun says that she’s the neutral person here and says she’s the one who will question Priyanka.

Shagun asks Priyanka to not fear and asks her to say the truth to everyone. Priyanka agrees that it’s true that it’s Anokhi who made her accuse Alok. Priyanka also adds that she has recording of her and Anokhi’s conversation. She plays the recording shocking everyone.

In the flashback, it’s shown that Priyanka will deny to lie about Anokhi as she stood against her own family for her. Shagun manipulates her with money.

She says Anokhi is the daughter in law of a big family but she needs money to save her father and also her brother is struggling to get a job.

She proposes a deal to Priyanka by giving an accusation letter and an apology letter. She asks her to choose one. She says if she’s choose accusation letter then she will get money as well as a job for her brother in the same college but if she chooses apology letter then she would get nothing.

Priyanka chooses accusation letter. Alok and Shagun manipulate Anokhi’s essay voice recording and created evidence against her. She sends it to Priyanka.

The recording gets played and everyone gets shocked hearing it. Anokhi pleads everyone to trust her. She pleads Priyanka to say the truth but she stands still. She pleads Shaurya too but he stands still.

Tej accuses Anokhi for putting them down. Anokhi asks them to check the authenticity of the recording. Alok taunts him.

Anokhi pleads Shaurya to trust her but he stays still. Shaan says that he trusts Anokhi and Alok taunts him for trusting Anokhi and not him.

Anokhi pleads Shaurya but he leaves without a word. Tej leaves saying that Anokhi will get rusticated from the college and asks her to come home for her punishment.

Vineet learns from Secretary about Ahir and Babli’s marriage. He understands their plan. Reema comes to Anokhi and says that she knows she’s not at fault as she was there with her when Priyanka spoke with her.

She says she will confess the truth to everyone but Anokhi stops her saying that there’s no use.

Students protests against Anokhi headed by Kitty and Bebo. Shaan send them away and asks Anokhi not to worry. Anokhi says that she’s more upset that Shaurya is not with her in her difficult situation and he’s also not picking up the call.

At home Tej, Devi and Alok are badmouthing Anokhi and taunts Kanchan and Gayatri too for supporting her. Anokhi comes there with Shaan and Devi throws her out of the house.

She wishes to meet Shaurya once but she says Shaurya is not home yet because of her. Anokhi stands broken.