Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 14 December Written Update, the defector of the state, you see a suspect entering the tents of Aurangzeb. The intruder is not likely to save anyone but he intends to kill the Mughal emperor.

Aurangzeb woke up and his daughter, the princess, remembered that she was just watching things. But he insists that Sambhaji has come to kill him. Saighaji and his Marathi army are warmly welcomed at Raigad. Everyone is ready to sing and write poems in honor of Sambhaji. Although the Maratha king was pleased to receive such wisdom, he spoke of many Maratha warriors in his circle of ministers who made this victory possible.

Sambhaji’s part, tonight, will be remembered by many in the audience. Without showing any mercy to save the Portuguese or the people of Aurangzeb, we see Sambhaji kings on a warpath. Sambhaji’s family is going to tell them what happened in Goa and how the Marathi army could win at every front of the battle.

While listening to the true intention of the Portuguese Viceroy at the Saptakoteshwar Temple in Goa, we see Bhairaji’s uncle and other Marathi warriors. Once he realized that the Viceroy and his men were here to arrest Sambhaji, he devised his plan. Moving into foreign markets, they were attacked by Maratha warriors from all sides. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 14 December Written Update

In tonight’s series of self-defense Sambhaji, a distressed Rajaram appears to be trying to leave Raigad fort. Yasubai stops him at his feet and knows what he wants to do. Even though he is lying to her and tells her that he is going out, Sambhaji tells her that she is able to find the truth and not try to go to Goa, despite how willing he is to see Raje.

Sambhaji Krishna ji has talked about the Kank and the Maratha army for their important role in the victory of the Portuguese Viceroy. Thereafter, an unforgettable lesson to conquer Goa and to the Portuguese Viceroy .He honored all the Maratha warriors.

While the Maratha Empire is spreading joy, the Mughal Empire is tense about what will happen next. Aurangzeb worries on the one hand and Sambhaji’s delusion on the other.

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