Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 26 December Tarabai asked the king to send his father, Hambirrao, to Pratapgarh instead of going to his own. Raje announced these changes of plans in front of his men. Earlier, Ravji Nana, who sent a letter to Aurangzeb, sends another statement saying that it will be Sambhaji Rao who is not sambhaji. The changes in the plan irritate Aurangzeb, and he begins to doubt his loyalty to Ravji Nana. However, as Sambhaji was present, the Mughal emperor ordered Sharjah Khan to go to Raigad. Meanwhile, Kazi Ravji informed Nana that Raigad would be attacked at night.


Ravaji Nana and Kazi are discussing the situation of Aurangzeb and Sambhaji in a recent episode of Swarajya Rakshak  Sambhaji. During their conversation, Ravji Nana wrote a letter to Aurangzeb that Sambhaji was going to Pratapgad to face Sharjah Khan. The letter reached Aurangzeb who accordingly prepared his next move. The next day, Rajaram and Tarabai come to bless the newlyweds. Since Sambhaji and Hambirrao are busy in conversation, Tarabai suggests that Raje send Hambirrao to confront Sharjah Khan. The kings ask her the reason behind her suggestion. She states that Hambirrao Mohite once assisted Sharjah Khan and his army with food. No one can forget about such an act, so it would be wise to visit Hambirrao Sharjah Khan to remind him of the incident. The kings agree with Tarabai’s suggestion and it is decided that they will not go to Pratapgad. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 26 December

After this meeting, Hambirrao and Raje announced to the rest that the latter would stay in Raigad. Upon hearing this announcement, Ravji Nana hurried out of the meeting and sent a letter to Aurangzeb stating that Hambirrao would go to Pratapgad. Reading this letter has confused Aurangzeb because initially Ravji Nana had informed him otherwise. Aurangzeb tells his army to tell Sharjah Khan to go to Raigad.

The next day, Ravji Nana again fled to the middle of the meeting. His suspicious absence is reported by Kaviraj and Nilo Pant. Then, Ravji Nana again sends a suspicious letter to Aurangzeb, causing him to get irritated. Mughal Emperor Ravji begins to doubt Nana’s intentions. That night, Kazi came to see Ravji Nana again and he told them that Sharjah Khan was going to attack Raigad that night.

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