Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 28 November Written Updates In a latest episode of swarajya rakshak sambhaji, Chikka Devaraya despatched a message to Sambhaji with a poisoned arrow. As the latter study aloud, Harjirao brings the message to the king. Sambhaji dangers his life due to this message. Chikka Devaraya has asked Sambhaji to retreat along with his military because the conflict could be defeated. Chikka Devarai is proud of his power and attempts to scare Sambhaji, but the latter aren’t confused by this warning. Rajen found out that the arrow became toxic and instructed Harjirao now not to the touch it.

The kings take a look at the arrows and realize that it’s miles designed in one of these manner that when the bow is released the arrow will no longer exchange route. He will kill every person to whom he calls interest. Raje found out that Chika Devaraya become honestly sturdy and prepared. They ask Harjirao to ship a letter to Ekojiraje, asking for assist for their reason. He believes that the Ekoji kings know a way to solve Chika Deora and their competencies may be beneficial for his or her fight.

Since there’s no pleasant phrases with Sambhaji, Harjirao hesitates to talk to the Ecoji Raje. However, Sambhaji is nice that the Ecoji kings will come. Meanwhile, Chikka Devarai is making plans to send any other poisonous arrow to sabotage Sambhaji’s braveness. He is pleased with himself. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 28 November Written Updates

On the opposite hand, Ikoziraj will join Sambhaji’s navy while Matosti and Yasubai are going to go through. They understand the enmity between the 2 rulers so they may be no longer too sure. Finally, the kings acquired the information that the Ecoji kings have been eager to help them. And the kings had a good time substantially.

In a latest collection of self-defense, Sambhaji, Harji goes to Raje Raje to apologize for his defeat towards Chikka Devarai. Instead of demanding kings, he hugs Harjiraji. He asks the latter no longer to experience responsible, due to the fact in warfare one party will win and the alternative might be defeated. On the opposite hand, Chika Deoraya is likewise preparing for warfare in opposition to the king. To defeat Sambhaji, he tells his army to make one-of-a-kind types of arrows. He feels extra confident after his recent victory in opposition to Harjiraji.

Aurangzeb is happy that Chikka Deora is preventing Sambhaji. He asked his minister to send his navy to Chikka Devarai which will win towards Sambhaji. Aurangzeb additionally tells Chikka Devarai that he wants Sambhaji to come lower back to life. He desired revenge and Sambhaji had to be brutally killed. Meanwhile, Chikka Devaraya obtained news that Sambhaji had reached the south to combat him.

Bahirji Naik swiftly updated Sambhaji about Aurangzeb’s plan. Instead of shifting the Mughal army to the south, the king decided to break the Mughal touch of Chikka Devarai. During their conversation, Chikka Devaraya threatened Sambhaji with an arrow. He says that if Sambhaji does not go back, he will be killed. Meanwhile, Nilo Pant has reached Yashubai and Matoshree with the aid of Sambhaji. He also tells them that they’ve met the Qutb Shahi rulers and they’re equipped to aid the kings towards Chikka Devarai.

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