Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji 30 December Kanhoji Rao visits Kazi in a secret manner in the latter part of the defense of Sambhaji. They are happy that Sambhaji has chosen to support Aurangzeb as they believe he will be defeated. Then Kanhoji Rao also confesses that Ganji Dadasaheb would have joined them too. The latter will not gain anything from supporting the kings. During their conversation, Kanhoji Rao mentioned that he helped the Mughal army understand the secret place around the fort.

At Raigad, Ravji Nana confirmed to the Mughal heirs that he had no doubts from the Maratha guards. These spies respond to him positively, making him happy. Meanwhile, Yasubai has organized the business of the state by answering all the letters. Meanwhile, a man from Waghiri comes to visit her. He told them he had not received this month’s ration. Yevubai becomes cautious as Ravji Nana has confirmed that he has asked them to provide ration at the winery. She realized that something was going on under her back. Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji 30 December

While Yasubai is alone, one of the Mughal spies tries to get close to her, but after Tarabai goes into the room, he stops. Yasubai gently tells Tarabai about her suspicion and then goes in search of Ravji Nana, who is not Raigad. She is said to have made several secret trips to the place where Sharjah Khan is said to be present. Yasubai understands that Ravji Nana can be associated with the Mughal general. She immediately told Nilo Pant to tighten security around Raigad and double check everyone who entered the fort.

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