Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 30 November Written Updates In the outdoor of Sambhaji, the king and Ekoji hugged and misunderstood their defenses. Sambhaji visits the sword of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to pay homage to his uncle. Then, as they had been planning their subsequent circulate, they learned that Chika Devarai was speedy drawing near them. The latter has asked his guys to create diverse sorts of arrows which can instantly kill Sambhaji’s guys. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb thinks Chikka Devarai will win, however Sambhaji has extra religion in his minister.

The king orders his navy to spread all 4 instructions, equipped for attack. He tells Ikoji Maharaj that Chika Devarai might confuse them and then attack them.

At Raigad, Pant told Soirabai that Chikka Devarai had modified his conflict strategy. Now he has an army of trained archers who are able to destroying an opponent’s navy with their poisoned arrows. Soyarabai tells Pant to send an navy to assist the king, however Taishaasaheb says that Aurangzeb must take benefit of this example. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb asks his Wazir to help him via sending Chika Devarai’s navy, gold coins, or different gadget wished for warfare. Due to the king’s issues, his mom comes to visit Soirabai. She has a dream, wherein she sees the king status on the brink of blood. Soirabai tells her that this means that the king killed his enemies with a sword and their blood flowed into the river. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 30 November Written Updates

Raje has found out in recent part of the protection of Sambhaji that his uncle Ekojiraj Maharaj has agreed to aid him and he’s coming along with his army. The kings are satisfied because the Ecoji Raja Maharaj is an professional in struggle and knows a way to remedy Chikka Devaraya. Harjirao and Kaviraj were amazed at how the Ekojiraj Maharaj organized to assist the kings. On this question, the king says that he wrote a heartfelt letter to his uncle and consequently determined to help him.

The Ecoji kings and the kings hugged each different. Sambhaji’s uncle removes all misunderstandings from him and says that he believes in Shivaji Maharaj’s teaching. The kings assure the uncles that they have got seen their father in us and feature given the sword of Shivaji Maharaj to each other. Then they commenced making ready for the struggle towards Chika Deora. Raje says that for the reason that Chikka Devarai makes extraordinary poisonous arrows, it need to be faster than arrows. The kings are making plans to assault Mysore without delay however uncle and Harjirao do now not agree. Then, they break up up and determined to take Chika Deoraya out of his Comfort Zone and combat him. During their visit, they found out that Chika Devarai became fast drawing close them.

Chikka Devaraya received information that Ikazi and Sambhaji had joined forces He feels greater confident and publicizes that he’s going to defeat them. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb is satisfied that Chikka Devaraya will win. However, due to the fact he thinks Sambhaji is an expert in crushing his enemies, his wazir is not so company. On the opposite hand, Yasubai and Mahosheri are happy that Ekoji Maharaj has placed apart his antique horrific feelings and is supporting Sambhaji.

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