Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 1 Feb

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 1 Feb 2020, Sambhaji is shouting for his uncle’s death. Meanwhile, Kanhoji Rao told Mukarrab Khan that Sambhaji’s mother was ill and that he would surely visit her. At that time, they have a good chance of beating them and ending their rule.

Aurangzeb is setting a trap for Sambhaji. He informed his subordinate Asad Khan that he should track Sambhaji’s relatives and everyone else nearby.

For this purpose he decided to use his detectives. Aurangzeb wants to know a little about the Sambhaji kings and all the people who talk to them. He also told Assad Khan that all information should be reached to Mukarrab Khan and there would be no shortage of troops or weapons.

On the other hand, Maharaj and Yasubai are worried about the ongoing conflict between Shirke and Desai. In the state of the state .They are uncomfortable considering the chaos. Sambhaji realized that the whole thing had been created intentionally. He also mentioned that Kanhoji Rao and Aurangzeb are responsible for creating riots in the state.

Meanwhile, Ganzo Rao met Mukarrab Khan. The latter frightened the republic, saying that it had done a lot of self-harm. Many kings were burnt in the horsemen’s kingdom. Khan added that he would not be saved from the Marathas for this crime. Ganoji Rao angrily said that whoever is the king will fight. Hearing this, Mukarrab Khan tells him that fighting the Marathas is not easy. They are so dangerous that Aurangzeb even surrendered to them. He tells Ganji that he should join the Mughals and Aurangzeb himself will protect him from the Marathas.

Meanwhile Sambhaji realizes that Bahirje’s uncle has passed away. He was an important member of the state and it is very unfortunate for him to be defeated at this time. Aurangzeb, on the other hand, is determined to win in the war against Sambhaji and is trying every possible tactic to defeat the Maratha king.

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