Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 11 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 11 Feb 2020, We are telling Mukarrab Khan Ghanoji and Kanhoji that they have to hurry so they want to arrive as soon as possible. Kanhoji Rao says that he should go via Amba Ghat.

Ganhoji realizes that something is fish and asks why Mukarrab Khan is hurrying. To this end, the latter replied that they had no time to waste.

Muqarrab tells them to march as far as possible and informs them that they will not stop at night.

Later, Yasubai tells Sambhaji Raje to leave the palace because he feels it is not safe for him. She told him that she would remove the shingles and tell them to go away.

We have been telling Mukarrab Khan Gunhoji Rao that you are waiting for him. Ganhoji asks him why Mukarrab Khan had come to visit him in such a hurry. The former tells him that some things are done on purpose. Kanhoji tells Ganhoji to sit outside the tent. Mukarrab Khan convinced Gandhiji Rao that the latter’s entry into his camp would strengthen the strength of his troops.

Then Ganhoji asks Mukarrab Khan why he called them to the camp. Mukarrab Khan revealed that as part of his plan to set aside Ganhooji, he wanted to maintain the hometown of Ganhaoji. Kanhoji convinced Ganhoji. Whether Mukarrab Khan agrees or not, he has to deal with this problem. Meanwhile, Yasubai says she will meet her brother and otherwise try to convince him. Then Sambhaji Raja presents a ring in front of her. Yasubai recognizes her as her brother’s ring. Sambhaji kings reveal that they were found at Panhala. Later, the Ysubai realized that her brother was part of a devious scheme to overthrow the Maratha king. Later, Kanhoji is trying to convince Ganhoji Rao to show Mukarrab Khan his homeland. Ganghoji fears that Mukarrab Khan, as he is the chief of Aurangzeb, will teach him a lesson.

Sambhaji kings, on the other hand, are planning to give Aurangzeb a final push. He wants to send troops from all three sides and open up Aurangzeb’s forces. Yasubai immediately says that you should order your troops immediately. Later, Mukarrab Khan tells Gandhiji Rao that they are together and that nothing can be achieved. He then says that he will be there for a few days and will leave immediately.

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