Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 12 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 12 Feb 2020, We are telling Kanhoji Mukarb Khan that Ganhoji Rao wants to stay there at night.

Mukarrab says that if he stayed there for a while and was late, Sambhajiraj could not be arrested. Mukarrab Khan threatened to kill Kanhoji if this happened. Meanwhile, Sambhaji kings hurry without disputing.

He says that the Ysubai will take care of the controversy. Instead, people beg him to settle their issues. Yasubai asks what Sambhaji Raje decided to do.

Kanhoji Rao asked Kanhoji why Mukarrab Khan had formed his army. Ganhooji thinks marching in the Maratha border is not a good idea. He then says that Mukarrab Khan does not want the watan he is giving.

Meanwhile, Mukarrab Khan is planning to end Sambhaji Raje at Sangameshwar. He then tells himself that he has prepared everything for the Maratha king. It was then that Ganhoji and Kanhoji entered the room. Ganhooji asks Mukarrab Khan about the forced force. Mukarrab Khan does not give him the correct answer and tells him to hurry instead. Ganjhoji reluctantly leaves. Sambhajiraj later confessed to Yasubai that it had a special place in his heart. He goes on to say that he will have to clear some of the conflicts. To this, Yasubai replies that she will resolve the dispute by herself and ask Sambhaji to leave immediately. The latter says she wants to spend some quality time with him, and she finally agrees to his proposal. Meanwhile, Mukarrab Khan tells Ganhooji that the latter’s homeland is to be maintained. Muqarrab also orders them to march ahead and inform them that they will not stop at night.

Later, officials of Sambhaji Raje vow to go to any area to protect Sambhaji Raje. The latter believes in them but says that he does not believe in some dishonest people in his army. Sambhaji tells his men that he will go towards Raigad. In the meantime, Yasubai becomes uncomfortable while sleeping. Sambhaji Raje tells her that they were all busy planning and asks her to sleep without worry.

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