Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 13 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 13 Feb 2020, The kings appear to be preparing to leave the camp. At that point, a soldier comes running towards him and warns everyone that the enemy is heading towards them through the forest. Sambhaji thinks that the Mughals will not travel by him. He then realized that only one of Sambhaji’s men had reprimanded him.

We see that Kanhoji Rao asks Kanhoji what Mukarrab Khan had asked him to do. Kanhoji says that Mukarrab wanted to go to the palace overnight and hand over to Vatan Ganhoji. Meanwhile, Mukarrab Khan and his troops are moving forward without any break. Elsewhere Sambhaji Raja is preparing to leave, Yasubai has promised to take care of matters on the fort. The kings have to hurry without disputing the dispute. People, however, urge him to take the dispute to himself. The kings agree to arrange everything before leaving.

Meanwhile, an army alerted Mukarrab Khan, saying that Sambhaji Raje, Yasubai and his army were nearby. We can see Sambhaji Raje settling disputes between the two brothers in the court of the king. On the other hand, Gohanji is threatening to kill everyone if he tries to get to Sambhaji’s camp. He then put his sword in front of Mukarrab Khan and dared to step forward. He understood that Mukarrab deceived him by his sweet words. Mukarrab revealed that all these plans were to kill Sambhaji Raje. He says that he surrounded Sambhaji on all four sides. Ghanjoi gets revenge by saying that he will not allow this to happen. He was then captured by the soldiers of Mukarrab and ordered to show the way to Kanhoji.

Later, we see Yasubai saying that she does not want to leave Sambhaji Raje behind and turn away from him. She asks him if she can stop. Sambhaji orders her to leave. As Yasubai begins to leave with his son, the king looks at him with delight.

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