Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 14 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 14 Feb 2020, We see that Muqarrab’s army has made Sambhaji captive.

Mukarrab smiled at Sambhaji’s grief. Later a soldier runs in and tells Yasubai that Sambhaji was attacked by the Mughals.

He tells her that Mughal officer Mukarrab Khan had attacked Sambhaji vigorously.

We see Kanhoji screaming with Mukarrab Khan for cheating. He then says that I used to alert Sambhaji Raje that the enemy was going towards him. Mukarrab Khan walks in and asks him to calm down. Meanwhile, Sambhaji Raje’s officer asked him to eat something before he left. Sambhaji gets up and asks everyone in the court to accompany him. Shortly, Sambhaji tells Kaviraj that the remaining controversy will be erased and gone. He told the latter to move on. Kaviraj tells him that we do not want to do this and instead spend time with the kings.

Meanwhile, Muqarab’s army is now approaching the camp of Sambhaji Raje. Muqarrab is happy to finally get rid of Sambhaji. He then ordered his troops to move as quickly as possible. Sambhaji, on the other hand, resolves conflicts between the two brothers. His final decision was praised by his military officers. The kings prepare to leave the camp, but a soldier stops him on his track. He told Sambhaji that the enemy was marching towards them through the forest. Sambhaji then found out that he was one of his own men who had cheated him. Sambhaji vows to fight against the enemy till the last breath. He then took out his sword and told his men to go back.

Sambhaji and his limited power were occupied by a large army of Mughals. The Marathas, however, give them away. Sambhaji himself kills Mughal soldiers. Mukarrab Khan entered the war and was killed by Sambhaji. Sambhaji has come face to face and escaped by losing the Mukarrab sword. Later, the injured Kaviraj asks Sambhaji to leave the battlefield. Sambhaji tells him that he will not leave his army behind. Then he is surrounded by Mughal soldiers.

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