Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 14 January 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 14 January 2020,The kings learned that the trains he demanded from Harjirao had gone to Aurangzeb’s army.


Though he sincerely knows that Harjirao is not a traitor, the evidence against Harji Rao is telling otherwise. From Kaviraj, kings learned that Harji Rao declared himself king and declared a state independent of Swarajya. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb was sent a meal by Harjirao and decided to extend his hand of friendship. Yasubai tells Ambikabai that Rajji needs to convince her that Harjirao is not a traitor to Swaraj. While approaching Ambikabai Raje, he heard Kaviraj hear that he was not sure about Harajirao’s loyalty to the Swarajya.

Raje has learned that grain trains from Ginji went to Aurangzeb’s tent. Raje was shocked to know that these trains would have gone to the Mughals by order of Harjirao. He asked Kaviraj and Khandoji the reason behind this. Then, the party has decided to investigate these matters further. Later, through Kaviraj and Khandoji, the kings learned that Harjirao had proclaimed himself king in Ginji and independent his kingdom. Kaviraj asks Raje if that is possible. Sambhaji replies that anyone can add the title ‘Raja’ after their names, but most do not know the responsibility that comes with it.

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 13 January 2020 The agitated king told Jesubai that he was carrying the news. They want to get their roots before tagging Harjirao as a traitor to the state. Meanwhile, the news reached Aurangzeb who was delighted to hear this. Zainat and Wazir have told them that they want to come back to Delhi because people are starving here with hunger. Aurangzeb sees this as dishonest and gets irritable. However, Princess Zain tries to make her sad. Then, as Harjirao sent grain to the army, the Mughal emperor announced that he would host a banquet today.

Kanhoji Rao and Ganji Dadasaheb talk about it. The latter tells the uncle that he will never change his loyalty and never turn to the Kingdom. Meanwhile, in Raigad, while talking to Yasubai and Sambhaji, Harjirao’s wife, Ambikabai enters the room. The king decides to deal with her, which concerns Yasubai.

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