Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 18 January 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 18 January 2020,There is a point of dispute between Ganoji Dadasaheb and Yasubai in which she refuses to be pressured. She tells him that even though she is his brother, he will not get land from the state.

The Yisubai think that if Ganji Dadasaheb gets the land, it will be unfair to other people of Swarajya. Then, Ganzoji meets Dadasaheb Kanhoji Rao and discusses joining Aurangzeb’s army. Guanoji Dadasaheb says I need some time to consider this offer. Yasubai tells Sambhaji honestly about his conversation with Ganji Dadasaheb. Raje is shocked to learn that his close relative is willing to betray the state.

Guanaji Dadasaheb accused Sambhaji of battering to get rich. He says that Kaviraj has enchanted Raje to fulfill his selfish aspirations. Kaviraj screams and shouts before Ganji Dadasaheb. After leaving Raigad, he met Kanhoji Rao, who is trying to lure him in favor of Aurangzeb. He says that they will be treated with more respect in the Mughal Empire. However, Ganoji Dadasaheb says he needs some time to consider this offer.

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 17 January 2020 After Yasubai talks to her brother, she talks to Matoshree. She worries that her brother will hate them but Matoshree assures her that she will not. Then Yasubai wondered if she should talk to Sambhaji about Ganji Dadasaheb. She eventually decided to be honest with her husband. Meanwhile, Raje realized that Aurangzeb’s letter to Sergeerao had come to him asking him to join the Mughal army.

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