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Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 2 January, Yasubai declared in court that Ravji Nana and Manaji More were linked to Shabdik Khan. They both deny the allegations, but Yasubai does not accept their claims. He says that Tarabai’s support is that Ravji Nana brought Mughal spies to Raigad. Then, she explained how she saw Ravji Nana’s meeting with Sharjah Khan, who was bribed by the Mughal emperor. She is proceeding to present the Mughal currency found in the house of Ravji Nana. Then Narasu Patil was produced before the court to give evidence against Ravji Nana.

Yasubai asks Narasu Patil whether he knows Ravji Pant. Meanwhile Sambhaji enters the court and Ravji Pant starts arguing that he is innocent. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 2 January

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 1 January 2020, When the guards set out to look for Kazi, they found their house locked. As a result, they are forced to return to court. Yasubai says she will be the judge of the situation in Kazi’s absence. Her claim is supported by Khandoji and Kaviraj. During court proceedings, Ravji Pant said he was aware of the Mughal spies dressed in costumes. A mogul spider breaks down in front of Jesubai and reveals the truth. Ravji Pant tries to defend himself but is not able.

Then Tarabai revealed to the court that she had testified about the relationship with Mughal heir and Ravji Pant. After this, Yasubai found the Mughal currency in the house of Ravji Pant and set it before the court. She then revealed that she followed Ravji Pant to Narsu Patil’s house, where he was meeting with Sharjah Khan. After the disclosure, Narsu Patil was produced before the court. Ravji Pant is surprised to find that there is no way out comment whtas next..

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