Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 20 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 20 Feb 2020, We see Muqarrab telling Sambhaji that if he apologizes, he will survive.

Kaviraj calls Mukarrab a traitor. Hearing this, Mukarrab’s anger was unheard of and he tried to kill Kaviraj. Sambhaji catches his hunter mid-air and confronts him, even in the dreaded event of Muqarrab.

Meanwhile Sambhaji’s mother tells Yasubai that she neither needs Sahyadri’s fort nor the fort. She then promises Yesubai that she will get Sambhaji back.



We see Aurangzeb torturing Sambhaji. Mukarrab Khan tells him that he is alive. Sambhaji dares him to move on to do this. Panic retreats later.

Aurangzeb praised Sambhaji for keeping the fire alive. Then Sambhaji revealed that he had hidden more than half the loot, various castles of Surat. Aurangzeb asks Sambhaji to name the Mughal soldiers who were with him. Sambhaji says he will name only one general. Aurangzeb says one name is enough. Sambhaji confessed that Aurangzeb’s son Akbar had cheated him. Sambhaji later threatened Aurangzeb that he would be sorry if he tried to establish a state in his country. He then says that he does not consider Aurangzeb to be a conqueror, a ruler or a man. Sambhaji used to refer to Aurangzeb as a traitor and a coward, but the latter was not careful. Aurangzeb can no longer afford and get up from his seat.

Then Sambhaji tells Aurangzeb to call him Chhatrapati. Aurangzeb, on the other hand, reminds Sambhaji that you have arrested him. Sambhaji boldly tells him to get rid of Sahyadri. Aurangzeb tells him that he will go after killing Sambhaji. Sambhaji declares that the Marathas will not leave him alone and Aurangzeb will make sure that they are in his grave. A short time later, angry Sambhaji headed towards Aurangzeb. Muqarrab’s soldiers take him away from the court.

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