Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 21 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 21 Feb 2020, Aurangzeb confessed to his daughter that Shivaji and Sambhaji’s father-and-son troubled them a lot.

His daughter agrees. Aurangzeb tells her that he is going to punish Sambhaji which will restore his life. His daughter asks what punishment he has decided.

Aurangzeb does not disclose punishment and only laughs at the thought of it.


Mukarrab told the detained Sambhaji that he would regret his mistake as he left his only chance to save his life. Sambhaji reminds him of the king. He then says that he never apologizes for sedition. Aurangzeb, on the other hand, is in deep consideration.

His daughter tells him that he is indeed a winner while Aurangzeb thinks differently. He wonders when Sambhaji is kneeling and resting in peace. Aurangzeb’s daughter says that they should order Mukarab to harass Sambhaji so that they will beg Aurangzeb. Later, Kaviraj wonders if the state is threatened because people are scared. Sambhaji tells him that if he had accepted defeat, his dreams of complete independence would have been ignited. He believes that anyone in his family will take his place and gain independence. Immediately afterwards, Mukarrab Khan entered and asked them to apologize to Aurangzeb. Kaviraj Mukarrab is called a traitor for betraying Sambhaji and seducing him. Mukarrab’s anger is unknown and he kills Kaviraj with his predator. After two to three hits, Sambhaji catches the hunter mid-air and confronts him.

Meanwhile Sambhaji’s mother asks Yasubai about his place. She asks her if they are able to find Sambhaji. Yasubai tells her that Sambhaji is being kept as a prisoner at Bahadurgarh. She wonders how they can free Sambhaji. Sambhaji’s mother confessed that she did not want Sahyadris castles or castles. Then Yasubai promises that Sambhaji will get her back. In return for Sambhaji, she asks Yasubai to give up his kingdom. Yasubai tells her that Sambhaji would not have liked to admit defeat and give her freedom. Sambhaji’s mother realized that Sambhaji should follow the dream of Swarajya. Then she hugged him.

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