Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 22 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 22 Feb 2020,Mukarab was heard crying from a distance while he was rolling his eyes while ordering his soldiers to torture Sambhaji.

Meanwhile, a general tells Yasubai that Sambhaji Aurangzeb has suffered punishment.

Yasubai asks him what is the punishment? The commander revealed that Sambhaji’s eyes were removed from the socket, due to Yasubai’s horrific reasons.


Sambhaji apologizes, while Aurangzeb asks Mukarrab. Muqarrab tells him that the latter did not. He then asked if Sambhaji should be brought before Aurangzeb. On the other hand, Aurangzeb asked Kaviraj to appear before him instead. He suggests that if Kaviraj apologizes, Sambhaji’s morale will be brought down. After a while, Kaviraj is presented to the court of Aurangzeb. The latter tells Kaviraj that we should forgive him. Kaviraj replied that he would not bend his knees. Aurangzeb tells him that if he leaves Sambhaji’s fort, he will forgive Kaviraj. Kaviraj insults Aurangzeb for refusing to give up. Aurangzeb got irritated and slapped him. He ordered his soldiers to take Kaviraj inside.

Once in the cell cell Sambhaji asked Kaviraj if he told Aurangzeb anything, Kaviraj tells him that you did not do so. Sambhaji was delighted to hear this and said that he was really fortunate to have the blessings of a strong commander like Kaviraj. Sambhaji gives them rewards but says he has nothing to give. Kaviraj says that his presence is sufficient in itself. Meanwhile, you see Aurangzeb lost in deep thought. He is interrupted by his daughter, Zenat, who asks what he thinks. Aurangzeb tells her that what he can think of right now is sambhaji. He then admits that the father-son duo of Shivaji and Sambhaji harassed them a lot. Aurangzeb tells his daughter that he will torture Sambhaji so much that the latter will cry for help. Aurangzeb smiles as he thinks about it.

Later, Aurangzeb’s commander asks if he can read the list of Sambhaji’s crimes. Mukarrab says Sambhaji should be severely punished for his crimes. Aurangzeb plans to take Sambhaji’s eyes out so that no one dares to go against him. He told the soldiers to follow his instructions. Meanwhile Sambhaji’s spy enters Sambhaji’s cell and asks if anyone needs a message. Sambhaji tells him to go to Raigad and tell him not to fight Aurangzeb till his last breath.

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