Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 Feb 2020, We will see how the bad news of the king frustrated the Jesubai and that he had decided to leave the kingdom.

But Sambhaji’s grandmother Aisaheb alias Jijabai visits Yasubai.

Misaheb’s words speak to her and tell Yasubai that the death of Raje means not only the end of her husband but also the end of Swarajya and as a result, the entire Maratha clan must remain firm in the aftermath.


She goes on and tells Yasubai that she must become the next strong queen and her emotions must be controlled as her husband fights fearlessly among the enemies.

Aurangzeb said he wanted Sambhaji to give. He is very keen to hear Sambhaji’s farewell and asks Muqarab to go ahead and take Sambhaji’s eyes out. The men of Muqarrab bring a man with a hot iron rod and steaming coal. The man rolls Sambhaji’s eyes out and Sambhaji does not budge. Aurangzeb has told Mukarrab to make sure that Sambhaji’s shouting is heard miles away. But when Aurangzeb is unable to hear any sound, he goes down to the cells to find out what’s going on. He sees Sambhaji smiling loudly and everyone with the punishment is surprised by the bravery shown by the Maratha king.

Meanwhile, Sambhaji’s news in Raigad sparked a spate. Yasubai is eagerly waiting for something good to hear and is shocked to learn the truth about Sambhaji. The spy informs her of all the events that took place in Aurangzeb’s court. He also told them about the bravery of Sambhaji and the punishment he was given. Yesubai, Rajaram and everyone in the court started crying for Sambhaji.

Everyone talks about Sambhaji and calmly shouting for his king. Yasubai interacts with him in his heart and instead asks for his pain as she feels helpless. And then she sees Aisha Jijabai walking around her room. In our conversation with Yasubai, we see the wonderful features of Jijabai.

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