Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 January 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 January 2020, Aurangzeb tries to escape and captures Kanhoji Rao and sends him on a mission. Kanhoji Rao was sent to betray Sambhaji and persuade his nephew Ganji Dadasaheb to join the Mughal army. Since Sambhaji is a close relative, he wants the Mughal emperor to be with him and will be of great help to him.

Meanwhile Sambhaji called Maloji Ghorpade and his son in court. He gave Maloji Ghorpade the title ‘Sarnobat’. Sambhaji realized that Bahirji Naik was ill and his condition had worsened. On the other hand, Aurangzeb plans to read his will in front of his people.

He is bound, taken in a gun sack and brought to Aurangzeb. There he begged for mercy, but Aurangzeb begged him not to leave. To defend himself, Kanhoji Rao says Aurangzeb’s attention that he is Ganji Dadasaheb’s uncle is catching the attention of Aurangzeb because he wants Ganji Dadasaheb to join the Mughal group. Aurangzeb tells Kanhoji Rao that he will only be allowed to live safely if he can turn Ganji Dadasaheb to the Mughal army. Kanhoji Rao has no choice but to accept Aurangzeb’s condition.

Mukarrab Khan is told after the Wazir about Kanhoji Rao’s connection with Shivaji Maharaj’s son-in-law and Sambhaji’s close relative Ganji Dadasaheb. Wajir says, Ganji Dadasaheb is dissatisfied with Sambhaji’s rule and his loyalty to Swarajya is declining. Then, Mukhtarb Khan visits Kanhoji Rao for more information. After their conversation, he secretly visits Ganaji Dadasaheb.

Kanhoji Rao tries to persuade his nephew to join the Mughal army. The latter is not sure about doing so because he still feels betrayed. Then, Ganji met Dadho’s wife Kanhoji Rao and invited him to have dinner with him. However, Kanhoji Rao seemed upset and rejected his offer. Finally, Ganzo Dadasaheb agrees to visit Aurangzeb and agrees. Meanwhile, at Raigad, Maloji Rao Ghorpade and his son Santaji visit Raje. Sambhaji has been very impressed with Malojirao’s work and has given him this title with Sarnobat.

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