Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 26 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 26 Feb 2020, In telling Aurangzeb the daughter of Aurangzeb, you will see that Sambhaji continued the fight without using any weapons or swords.

The latter refuse to give up and are roaring with rage even when we have no tongue and eyes. Zinat asked why Aurangzeb did not respond and was helpless.

Due to the presence of Sambhaji, she thinks that the Mughal clan is a columned because they want Aurangzeb to get rid of Sambhaji.


Aurangzeb has decided to surrender to Sambhaji with extreme persecution. They say that Sambhaji will be forced to apologize. Since Sambhaji did not feel pain, Aurangzeb ordered Mukarrab to cut Sambhaji’s tongue. Aurangzeb says that only after hearing that Sambhaji is scared, his soul will be at peace. Sambhaji’s mother, on the other hand, prays to God and tells Almighty God to save Sambhaji from trouble. Meanwhile, Muqarrab’s troops follow Aurangzeb’s command and enter Sambhaji’s room to cut their tongue. Aurangzeb ordered Mukarrab to take Sambhaji’s entire tongue out and smash it in a single blow. He stopped outside to hear a scream in the meantime. Shortly afterwards, Muqarrab came out with a blood-covered pit. Aurangzeb wondered how Sambhaji’s constitution did not affect Sambhaji’s strong will.

Shortly afterwards, Rajaram has begun to sit on the royal throne. He stops in the middle and takes a step back, before reaching the throne. The Ysubai looked at it and helped it to sit on the throne. Traditionally, the whole court bowed down before Rajaram was crowned king. Later, a soldier declares that a lawyer from Aurangzeb has stopped outside. Yasubai asks the soldiers to bring him to court. Counsel came with Aurangzeb’s letter. The letter states that Aurangzeb had captured Sambhaji.

The latter says that since Sambhaji is in captivity, the state belongs to him. Aurangzeb asked them to obey and do not name the new king in place of Sambhaji. Sambhaji tried to refuse, while Aurangzeb threatened to persecute them. Aurangzeb tells them to apologize and accept defeat. Not everyone in the court can afford it and can draw a sword to kill Aurangzeb’s lawyer. Ysubai asks the lawyer to bow before the throne. She then tells the lawyer to give Aurangzeb the message that he will never accept defeat and that if he tortures Sambhaji, Aurangzeb will die a slow and painful death.

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