Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 27 Jan 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 27 Jan 2020, Wazir and Prince Muazzam do not think that Sambhaji is strong because it is possible. He also thinks that Mukarrab Khan has a very ulterior motive to be the next emperor and wants to get into Aurangzeb’s good books. Meanwhile, Mukharb Khan talks with Kanhoji Rao and Kazi Haider to find out more about Sambhaji. Kazi Haider suggests that he should keep an eye on Sambhaji from Panhalgad and Sinhagad. Mukarrab Khan takes Aurangzeb’s blessing before going to Raigad to arrest Sambhaji. Meanwhile, Ganji Dadasaheb’s wife tries to prevent Aurangzeb from leaving. But, he is firm.

Mukarrab Khan promises Aurangzeb that he should bring Sambhaji to the Mughal state. Everyone in the court, including Aurangzeb, is surprised at the force of his words. Aurangzeb then tells Mukarrab Khan that this is not an easy task to achieve because Sambhaji is a strong ruler and can easily escape from enemy territory. Finally, Mukarrab Khan lays his hands on the Qur’an and promises it before the Mughal emperor. After the meeting, the conversation between Wazir and Prince Muazzam continues. Wazir admits that Mukarrab Khan is only bragging and will not succeed in his campaign. Mukarrab Khan wants Aurangzeb to make him a prince so that he can sit on the throne after the death of the Mughal emperor. Prince Muazzam agrees with Wazir and says that killing Sambhaji is not possible. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb secretly confesses to Princess Zainat that he does not care for Sambhaji until Mukarrab Khan dies.

Then Mukherjee Khan visits Kanhoji Rao and Kazi Haider to learn more about Sambhaji’s tactics of war. Since these people are with Sambhaji, they know how they work. Kanhoji Rao says that Sambhaji can continue to struggle tirelessly all day and is not weak. Then, Kazi Haider suggests that Sambhaji can be monitored from Panhalgad and Sinhagad. Mukarrab Khan wants to find out about Sambhaji’s addiction but he can’t find it.

Sambhaji Yasubai shows in Raigad, Aurangzeb’s joke that Aurangzeb was happy to defeat him, but Sambhaji says that he could not underestimate him as he tried to seduce him.

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