Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 28 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 28 Feb 2020, Yasubai reveals the whereabouts of the Mughal army. Yesterday, they announced that the Mughal army had reached Mahad, while some soldiers marched to Pachad.

Tarabai asks her if Raigad will ever be surrounded. Yasubai says it will happen. He then asked both Rajaram and Tarabai to leave the fort because the Maratha king needed protection.

Rajaram is being informed that the Mughal army surrounded the fort from all sides. The chiefs of the Maratha army are convinced that they will enter the Mughal army.


Rajarams are also convinced that they must enter the fort and save Sambhaji. They say they also need to teach a lesson to disabled men in their military. Rajaram tells the generals to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to knock the enemy down. They want to make a plan. Meanwhile, the army chief informed that the two men had come to him from Aurangzeb’s army. She is told that the men are here to help Sambhaji free her. To his surprise, Yasubai asks the commander to present the two to her. She then left to meet the disabled men in Aurangzeb’s army. After a while, she orders her commander to reward the two for helping them. After this, Yasubai asked the generals to seek the help of the men and prepare a plan to release Sambhaji from prison. After some time, Yasubai said that he wanted to try to free Sambhaji at any cost.

Later, Aurangzeb’s commander informs Aurangzeb that they are not ready to give up even if Sambhaji tries to persecute them on every possible occasion. The commander is worried about what will happen next. He says he has never seen such a brave king in his life. Zenat, on the other hand, tells Aurangzeb to forgive Sambhaji because he has been extremely persecuted. Aurangzeb says he will never forgive Sambhaji and wants Sambhaji’s blood to flow. He then orders the general to keep an eye on the events surrounding Raigad and the fort. In the meantime, Yasubai wishes to calm Sambhaji and get rid of Aurangzeb’s cavalry. She wants the Sambhaji kings to come back.

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