Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 28 Jan 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 28 Jan 2020, Ganoji Dadasaheb writes a letter to his wife stating that you are leaving their house. He says that his loyalty has always been with Swarajya and Sambhaji, but he wants to do what is right. In this letter, it is not specified that Ganoji Dadasaheb is visiting Aurangzeb.

He then left the letter on his son’s bed and continued with his mission. Meanwhile, Mukarrab Khan comes with his men to bless Aurangzeb. He promises the Mughal emperor that he will return with Sambhaji. He has made his life’s goal to fulfill Aurangzeb’s wishes and is proud to do whatever it takes. Aurangzeb was impressed by this dedication and said that he would get all the human resources needed to capture Sambhaji.

Then Shaheen Shah also tells Mukarrab Khan that he will be in the Deccan area for the coming days. After that, he will go back to Delhi.

Ganji Dadasaheb’s letter has been found by his wife, who is irritated by her husband’s dishonesty. She acknowledges that he has everything but is still, dissatisfied. Later, she tried to prevent her husband from going to Aurangzeb’s province. However, he is firm in his decision. Kanhoji Rao, who is present at the scene, supports Ganji Dadasaheb.

Finally, Ganji goes to Sambhaji and Yasubai’s wife, Dadasaheb She shows the letter written by Ganji Dadasaheb to her. After passing through the letter, Sambhaji still hopes that Ganaji Dadasaheb will not betray Swarajya. He tells Khandoji to follow Ganji Dadasaheb, and stop to visit Aurangzeb.

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