Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 3 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 3 Feb 2020, We will see the kings arrive at his mother’s place to meet her and learn about her health. Kanhoji has already reached there to attack Sambhaji Raje. When the king is about to enter his mother’s house, Kanhoji grabs him by the back and covers his face with a bag.

We see that the sambhaji kings are disappointed to hear the sad news of the death of an uncle. Raje knows that the death of an outgoing uncle is a great loss of self-government, and it is unfortunate to happen at such a difficult time. He is mourning his body and complaining to his mother Bhavani that she is slowly carrying the Swarajya gem. The kings will cherish some beautiful memories with their uncle.

The older uncle remembers how brave and fearless he was. Tears flow through the eyes of Raje, remembering the contribution made by the deaf-uncle to the state. The kings pay their last tribute by covering their bodies with their ‘Sheila’ and placing some royal chains on their bodies.

Sambhaji kings are now emotionally weak. The news reached Aurangzeb and he had the opportunity to attack Swaraj and end Sambhaji. At this time, he gave Asnar Khan the opportunity to tell Mukarrab Khan that he should not miss this opportunity. The letter reached Mukarrab Khan that the death of Bahirje uncle was the greatest loss of self-government and that Sambhaji Raje Bahirje lost his eyes as an uncle because he was a great warrior and a detective. The iron is hot and we will not miss any chance of hitting it as hard as we can, the letter said.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, another sad news comes to the king that his mother Dhara Atiya is seriously ill and wants to see the king with his last breath. Kanhoji Rao told the news to Mukarrab Khan and said he would definitely visit her to see his ailing mother Sambhaji. This is the right time and opportunity to attack him and end his rule. They should not waste time and plan attacks quickly and efficiently.

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