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Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 3 January, Yasubai called on the court to testify against Naroji Patil and his wife against Ravji Nana and Manaji More. However, Narasu Patil refused to identify Ravji Nana. Then Yasubai shows a piece of evidence that eventually engages the two and literally proves their relationship with Khan. Ravji Nana starts crying and pleads innocent but Yasubai announces to kill the traitor. Meanwhile Sambhaji appeared in court and upheld Yasubai’s decision. He acknowledged in his room that he was worried that people of Shivaji Maharaj’s time were turning away from him right now.


Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 3 January, Sambhaji Ravji Nana, who is part of Aurangzeb’s enthronement of the state, tries to name more people. The latter reveals the name of Kazi Haider.

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 2 January 2020 Ravji Nana became angry and asked Kaviraj to ask for his business. Promising to take down Swarajya at that time, the Yasubai presented a cloth which had been sealed by the hands of Narasu Patil, Ravji Nana and Shabdik Khan. This is the last sign of Ravji Nana and Narasu Patil. Finally, Yasubai announces that Narasu Patil will be fired from the gun, Manaji More will spend his life in jail and Ravji Nana will be thrown down the high stairs. Hearing this, Ravji shouted in front of the king who had just entered the court. However Sambhaji declares that Yasubai’s result is final.

When Sambhaji is already there, Yasubai enters the chamber. In her absence, she asks whether she made the right decision in court. Sambhaji assures her that she has done the right thing and is proud of her. He acknowledges that many are withdrawing their allegiance from heaven and are worried that Aurangzeb is joining forces. Sambhaji says that these people have been there since Shivaji Maharaj’s time and have seen Swarajya rise more often, so their behavior is not understandable.

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