Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 30 Jan 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 30 Jan 2020, We will see Ganoji Rao tell us that we are here to get justice and settle the dispute. Ganoji Rao rhetorically replies that Kaviraj is unable to get justice. This makes the latter angry, and they both go out to fight with the sword.

We see that King’s letter to Kaviraj was received. He has been informed that by keeping an eye on Ganoji Rao, he should keep track of everything that is happening around him and inform the kings.

Shortly afterwards, Halba Desai arrived with his injured brother. When asked who injured him, Halba took the name of Vithoji Shirke.

Meanwhile, Ganoji Rao reached home and asked about his wife. He found out that his wife had gone to Raigad. She inquired if she had left some message for her. Mahipati told her that she did not and Vahini was very upset. He is stuck in the role of whether to join the Swaraj again or serve the Mughals. He cannot decide what is right and wrong for him.

Kaviraj sent a message to all the shirk asking him to meet him at Malkapur and resolve the dispute between him and Desai. Ganoji Rao refused to obey his letter and in return called Kaviraj to Srigurpur to meet Srigur. This irritates Kaviraj’s ego and he decides to go to Shringarpur with his army. When Ganjirao learned this, he was furious and asked his men to be vigilant. He says that if anything goes wrong, he should not hesitate to kill Kaviraj.

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