Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 31 December, the patron, everyone in the court is worried about the absence of Yasubai. Matoshree is upset with Yasubai’s irregular behavior. In the meantime, she enters Raigad wearing a simple sari since the deduction. Khandoji and Kaviraj do not know her and are confused to see her in this outfit. The reason behind donating a simple sari is because they ask her out, but she tells them to call everyone in court. She says she’s made a significant announcement to do so.

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 31 December, The Mughal spies have heard the orders of the Jesubai. They have come to know that she has a true story going against Swarajya. They decide to gather in their secret place. Tarabai was suspicious of the movement and followed them through the market to visit them. She stands outside and listens to them as they discuss their next move. They talk about killing Ravji Pant and fleeing Raigad. After their visit, they return to court and Tarabai too.

Yesubai is ordered and everyone is assembled in court. She says that the principles of Swarajya are so strict that it runs in everyone’s blood. But now Aurangzeb has arrived in the state and is trying to bribe the people there. She explained that the people who betrayed the state were present. After the insistence, she announced the names of Ravji Nana and Manaji More. Soon, the Mughal spies attack Ysubai, but Ganji Dadasaheb and Tarabai defend him. Matoshree and Battashi women who witnessed these incidents are shocked.

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