Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 31 Jan 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 31 Jan 2020, We will see Ganzo Rao once again meeting Mukarrab Khan. Khan tells him that he may have been frustrated by attacking Kaviraj over the king. He also tells Ganaji Rao that he will no longer be rescued by the Rajas, and the only Mughals who can protect him. Hearing this, Ganji Rao wondered what to do.

Kaviraj has reached Shrangarpur after Ganji Rao refused to visit Malkapur. The dispute between Shirke and Desai was to be resolved and that was why he wanted to visit Ganjee Rao. When they both face each other, Ganojirao learns that Kaviraj has come to meet him with his army. He insulted Kaviraj, saying that he was unable to get justice for Swarajya. This makes the latter angry and they both pull swords to fight.

Rajkumar Bai sees this and tells them to stop immediately as they are violent on Shirk’s spiritual and holy land. She cares about the state because everything is going different. Meanwhile, Desai people are angry with Kaviraj as promised by them, as they have not received justice yet. Kaviraj assures them that they will, of course, and then tell them to be patient. Later, Kanhoji Rao, with his words, incited Ganji Rao constantly, saying that Kaviraj had no right to fight on his land. Frustrated Ganji asks Kanhoji to solve the problem, and the latter says that you will handle the matter. Kanhoji Rao decided to set fire to the fields within the limits of Kaviraj. The latter runs to prevent the fire, but his men pull him in, because they may hurt him.

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