Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 4 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 4 Feb 2020, Mukarrab Khan’s people are waiting outside Dhara Au’s house to catch Sambhaji. They think she’ll come see him. As expected, Sambhaji visits Dhara au and is captured by the Mughals. Sambhaji brings to Mukarrab Khan, who asks Kanhoji Rao to identify the man he has arrested. Kanhoji Rao does that and realizes that the man is not sambhaji but his look is hidden. The news reached Aurangzeb who decides to capture Sambhaji somehow and kill him cruelly. Aurangzeb sent a letter to Mukarrab Khan stating that Sambhaji would leave Raigad only if there was unrest in Pratapgarh. Mughal decided to use the help of Prahlad Pant to bring Sambhaji to Pratapgad.

Everyone is praising Mukarrab Khan for catching Sambhaji. On hearing this news, Kanhoji became greedy and tried to get rich as he assisted the Mughal general in this campaign. Mukarrab Khan shared the sweets and told Kanhoji Rao that his name would be written in history to make Aurangzeb proud.

Kazi Haider says they need to prepare Sambhaji in front of the Aurangzeb before the confusion in the state. As he agrees with the decision, a solider says that he had abducted Sambhaji but there was no riot. So, Mukarrab Khan asks Kanhoji Rao to make sure that the person he is holding is sambhaji. However, it appears that the people who captured the Mughals were not Sambhaji, but his appearance.

Upon realizing that he had been cheated, Mukarrab Khan and Sambhaji were ordered to be killed. Meanwhile, the news reached Aurangzeb who was startled by the king’s intelligence. Aurangzeb and Wazir decide to hunt down Sambhaji and continue their mission of brutally killing him. On the other hand, the true sambhaji finally comes to meet Dhara Ou, who after seeing the safe has shed tears.

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