Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 8 Feb 2020

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 8 Feb 2020, Mukarrab Khan has threatened to smash Kanoji Rao if he does not persuade Ganoji Rao to join the Mughals army.

The defeated Konoji Rao then goes to visit his relative and convince them to do so. The two men meet at the jungle tree trunk where Ganzo apparently refuses.

However, the already distraught Maratha chieftains urged him to consider this last time for his family and his future.

Sambhaji and poet Kalash discussing the events of the day together we are watching. Speaking of conversation, Sambhaji points out that since the fort seems to be empty, there is no way to rule it. When the poet Kalash hears this, he says – What gets to the eye may not always be true. He went on to tell Sambhaji that those approaching him were really plotting against him. When Sambhaji further inquired, Kalash revealed that Pralhadpant and Raghaona were behind the Panhalgad detention organization.

Later, when Sambhaji summoned the keeper of the fort and asked him about the events of the day, he told him everything he knew. Sambhaji gets angry at confirming his suspicion that Prahladpant was considered to be both the Maratha Empire and Raghna’s lawmaker. The king summoned the guards and ordered everyone involved to be arrested. When presented before the king, both Prahladapant and Raghavana confessed to their crimes and apologized. Sambhaji rules against both of them and severely punishes them.

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